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Monday 4 October 2021 4:32pm

Dr Xiaolin (Steven) Cui at Hobbiton image
Dr Xiaolin (Steven) Cui enjoying the Hobbiton attraction in New Zealand.

Dr Xiaolin (Steven) Cui is the 2021 winner of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) Young Investigator Award.

Each year the International Society for Biofabrication (ISBF) recognises the outstanding achievements of one of its early career members with the award. The ISBF represents the international biofabrication community and acts to promote advances in biofabrication research as well as its medical and clinical applications.

“I'm thrilled to have received this award”, says Dr Cui, “Having entered a multidisciplinary space with my research, and the risks and challenges that that entails, it's reassuring to have received this show of support from my colleagues.”

Dr Cui's research interest lies in the interface of stem cells, biomaterials, and biofabrication, with a special interest in cartilage and bone regeneration, as well as cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment. Currently he is a research fellow at the Christchurch Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering (CReaTE) group, and has been awarded numerous fellowships such as the University of Otago Health Sciences Postdoctoral Fellowship, the MBIE Science Whitinga Fellowship, and the Heart Foundation of New Zealand Research Fellowship, along with different project grants to support his research.

Dr Cui received his award during the ISBF Biofabrication Conference held late last month in Wollongong, Australia, which also offered virtual attendance in response to covid-19 travel restrictions. He still enjoyed the opportunity to network with leading researchers and collaborators as a part of the conference.

Whilst attending virtually, Dr Cui delivered a presentation about one of his works on 3D bioassembly of cell-laden microgels for osteochondral tissue repair.

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