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Thursday 7 April 2022 10:43am

politicsmainUkrainian flags flying in solidarity outside the EU Parliament

This quarterly issue is dedicated to Ukraine media expertise: click the links below to view a selection of vital media commentary by University of Otago researchers over the past two months, many of whom have also devoted much time to interviews on Ukraine with leading media outlets.

This insightful commentary spans a wide range of topics, starting with analysing Putin's motives for invading Ukraine, and the effect of the invasion on the global economy.

As the war has progressed, Otago researchers have also been on hand to provide analysis about Russian assaults on Ukraine's critical nuclear infrastructure, and explain the process required to prosecute Russian President Vladimir Putin for Russian military atrocities against Ukrainian citizens.

In chronological order:

Robert Patman: Why Putin opted for a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, by Professor Robert Patman, Politics.

Soaring energy prices could tip global economy into recession, by Dr Murat Üngör, Economics

Russia fought against Nazism but is now itself a fascist state, by Dr James Headley, Politics

The Russian takeover of the defunct Chernobyl site challenges the 'peaceful, safe and sustainable' branding of nuclear energy, by Dr Karly Burch, Centre for Sustainability

Stephen Smith: You have to prove intent without reasonable doubt, by Stephen Smith, Law

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