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Category Statutes
Type Statute
Approved by Approved by Council – 11 October 2011
Date Statute Took Effect 12 October 2011
Last approved revision 
Sponsor Registrar and Secretary to the Council
Responsible officer Registrar and Secretary to the Council


  1. Title

    1. This is the Fees Statute 2011.
  2. Commencement

    1. This Statute shall come into effect on 12 October 2011.
  3. Setting of Fees

    1. The University Council shall from time to time set and publish the fees payable in respect of:
      1. tuition;
      2. student services;
      3. any other matter in respect of which the Council is empowered to establish fees.
    2. Where not established by the Council, the requirements as to the means of payment of fees, and the dates for their payment, shall be those established by the Chief Financial Officer.
    3. In addition to the fees fixed by the Council, sundry and administrative fees approved by the Vice-Chancellor may be charged to students of the University from time to time.
  4. Exemptions

    1. Students may be exempted from, or entitled to pro rata or other reduction in respect of, fees:
      1. in accordance with provisions in that regard established by the Council in fixing the relevant fee; or
      2. in accordance with Fee Exemption Regulations established by a Board comprising the Chief Operating Officer, the Director, Student and Academic Services and the Registrar and Secretary to Council and approved by the Vice-Chancellor.
    2. A student may be exempted in full, or in part, from fees for student services on a case-by-case basis by the Director, Student and Academic Services to reflect exceptional circumstances that apply in respect of that student.
  5. OUSA Fees

    1. In accordance with its obligations under the Education  and Training Act 2020, the University may collect membership fees on behalf of the Otago University Students' Association.
    2. 5.2. Students who are liable to pay fees to the Otago University Students' Association must pay those fees to the University by the due dates for payment, and the amounts so payable are regarded as fees of the University for the purposes of this Statute.
  6. Failure to Pay Fees

    1. A student who fails to pay any appropriate fees, other charges or fines due to the University (including its Residential Colleges) or fails to pay such fees, charges or fines by the date specified for their payment:
      1. may incur additional fees as prescribed by the Council;
      2. may be excluded from classes, or from enrolment in a subsequent year until the debt is cleared;
      3. may have the final award of a qualification for which the student is a candidate withheld by the Council;
      4. may have any official record of results withheld, and will not be issued with an official transcript of his or her academic record for personal use or for the purpose of supplying any information to any body or institution;
      5. may have access to the means of changing his or her course withheld;
      6. may have access to course materials (including materials provided electronically) and other University resources and services withheld.
    2. The exercise by the University of its powers under this clause shall be by such persons and in accordance with such procedures as may be approved by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic).
    3. Where any penalty is imposed on a student under this Statute the student is entitled to have the amount of the penalty or its imposition, or both, reviewed by the Registrar and Secretary to Council.
    4. The provisions of this clause shall apply in respect of any fees, other charges or fines payable by a student to a College which is affiliated to the University under the Affiliated Colleges Statute as if the relevant fee, charge or fine was payable to the University.
  7. Refund of Fees

    1. The Director, Student and Academic Services shall from time to time establish and publish detail of the circumstances in which a refund of fees may be allowed, and the extent of such refunds, including detail of:
      1. the dates by which a student may withdraw from study and be entitled to a full refund of tuition fees;
      2. the dates by which a student may withdraw, and upon establishing exceptional circumstances, may receive up to a 50% refund of tuition fees.
    2. Any refund allowed may be subject to:
      1. a tuition refund fee, if the student has completed the course approval process;
      2. a requirement that the student meet any costs incurred by the University on behalf of a student in respect of their enrolment in a programme involving an external placement;
      3. any sundry and administrative fees identified as non-refundable at the time they were charged.
  8. Repeal

    1. The Fees Regulations Statute 1991 and all regulations made under that Statute are repealed with effect from the commencement of this Statute.

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