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Category Human Resources
Type Guideline
Approved by Staffing Advisory Committee, February 2003
Date Guideline Took Effect 1 February 2003
Last approved revision
Sponsor Director of Human Resources
Responsible officer HR Manager, Promotions & Remuneration

Please note that compliance with University Guidelines is expected in normal circumstances, and any deviation from Guidelines – which should only be in exceptional circumstances – needs to be justifiable.


The purpose of these Guidelines is to define who may undertake a staff exchange and to set out the approval process.

Organisational scope

This policy applies to all academic staff.


1. Type of Leave

Leave on pay for up to one year for purposes of undertaking Exchange of Staff with Approved Exchange Partners.

2. Approval

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (on recommendation of HOD and/or Dean) for up to 1 semester and to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and International) with a recommendation from the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for periods beyond 1 semester.

3. Administration of the employment related aspects of staff exchanges are the responsibility of Human Resources

(a) All applications must normally be submitted as soon as possible but not less than one full semester in advance of anticipated commencement date of leave to allow consideration of impact on teaching and other responsibilities of the staff member.

(b) Applications will be considered having regard to recent leave, including Research and Study Leave.

(c) No staff member shall normally be eligible for this category of leave unless they hold a confirmed or are on a confirmation path track appointment at the University.

(d) The approved period of leave will normally be for no more than one year. Staff may include a period of annual leave combined with the exchange leave.

(e) Applications for leave to undertake an exchange with an approved Exchange Partner, where a formal agreement to do so exists, will be approved if it is deemed to be in the University's interest, and only if the interests of the University are fully protected, including those of intellectual property. It is expected that any leave granted will be for purposes beneficial to the University, the Division, School and Department concerned.

(f) Applications will be granted only if there is an assurance that the Department's teaching programme will not be interrupted, and that courses which would have been delivered by the staff member will continue to be delivered if they are needed. Consideration must also be given to the work of research teams and the impact of such an absence.

(g) Applications for approval of exchange leave should include information regarding:

  • Name of the host institution and confirmation from the International Office that a formal exchange agreement exists with the institution concerned.
  • Dates of the leave.
  • Proposed inclusive dates of absence from the University if annual leave is to be included.
  • Purpose of the exchange and benefits to the University.
  • Name and current Curriculum Vitae of the staff member who will reciprocate on exchange and a letter of support from that institution for the exchange.
  • Details of any outside financial support being provided by the host Institution. For the duration of the exchange the reciprocal staff member will be subject to the University's standards and assessment of teaching. The University reserves the right to terminate the exchange.

(h) Payment for travel, medical insurance, accommodation, food, books and supplies shall be the responsibility of the individual participant, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

(i)During the period that the staff member is undertaking an approved Staff Exchange they will continue to receive their full salary and service based entitlements according to their Employment Agreement with the University.

(j) For the purpose of determining service-based entitlements, the period of leave does not interrupt service i.e. the employment relationship is continued for the duration of leave.

(k) The staff member is entitled to return to their same position and terms and conditions of service at the end of the period of leave.

(l) A member of staff, after return from an approved staff exchange shall, within one month, submit to their Pro-Vice-Chancellor a brief report.

(m) The Pro-Vice-Chancellor will provide a yearly report to Staffing Advisory Committee which includes the Department, the names of staff involved, the duration and the objectives and/or achievements of the exchange and any reciprocal visits that are planned.

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Contact for further information

If you have any queries regarding the content of this policy or need further clarification, contact the HR Manager, Promotions & Remuneration at or (03) 479 8092.

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