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Category Human Resources
Type Guideline
Approved by Staffing Advisory Committee, pre 2000
Date Guideline Took Effect 2 May 2006
Last approved revision 10 November 2015
Sponsor Director of Human Resources
Responsible officer HR Manager, Promotions & Remuneration

Please note that compliance with University Guidelines is expected in normal circumstances, and any deviation from Guidelines – which should only be in exceptional circumstances – needs to be justifiable.


The purpose of these Guidelines is to define the circumstances in which Visiting titles can be awarded and to set out the approval processes.

Organisational scope

These Guidelines apply to all Academic activities.


  1. The award of the title will be made to persons of academic distinction who have a strong record in research and/or teaching and who will be an asset to the Department concerned and to the University.
  2. Persons who hold an appointment as a full professor in their own institution, or hold the equivalent status, may be awarded the title of Visiting Professor.
  3. Approval of Honorary Titles are made as follows:
    Visiting Title Approval by: On the recommendation of:
    • Visiting Fellow
    • Visiting Professor
    Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) under delegated authority from the Staffing Advisory Committee. Head of Department with the support of the Dean (where appropriate) and the Pro-Vice-Chancellor.
  4. The title will normally be awarded for a period of not less than six weeks and not more than one year in each case.
  5. The fellowship may be with or without emolument, but the host Department will undertake to provide appropriate office and/or laboratory space and the holder will not be liable for any bench fee.
  6. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) will require evidence that the candidate will interact with departmental staff in research work and that the Department can provide appropriate accommodation within existing resources.
  7. The following documentation is required when seeking approval:
    • The Recommendation to Award the Title Form or a covering letter which provides the same information;
    • CV of the applicant.
  8. Visiting Fellows who will be based in New Zealand must be legally entitled to work in New Zealand before commencing the position. It is the responsibility of the person awarded the visiting title to obtain any necessary visas.
  9. Departments are responsible for arranging University usernames and/or ID cards (if required) to persons awarded visiting titles.
  10. Payments to Visiting Fellows who will be based in New Zealand are subject to income tax if the payments are made to New Zealand bank accounts. If payments are made to bank accounts overseas, Departments must check with Payroll Services regarding tax requirements.
  11. Departments are responsible for ensuring that Visiting Fellows are aware of the University's Human Resources policies. The Human Resources Division will provide a list of Human Resources policies with all offers.
  12. The Human Resources Division will issue all letters of offer.
  13. The University will provide library privileges and reasonable access to computing facilities

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If you have any queries regarding the content of this policy or need further clarification, contact:

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