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This research looks at broad theoretical considerations underpinning cadastres, and at important criteria for Cadastral Survey Datasets (CSD). A prototype CSD is then put forward for the purpose of discussion by the New Zealand Surveying community, and its implications discussed for future surveys in New Zealand. It is concluded that, although a monument-based cadastre should be retained, there are compelling reasons for expressing observations in terms of coordinates rather than vectors in future.


Summer Scholarship, Division of Science.

Selected publications and outcomes

Goodwin, D.P. and McKinnon, D (2010) An Alternative Cadastral Survey Dataset for New Zealand. New Zealand Surveyor (300): 33-42.

Invited presentation on an alternative Cadastral Survey Dataset for New Zealand, New Zealand Institute of Surveyors, Otago division, 16th June, 2010.

People Involved

David Goodwin

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