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Lakhan-Kukreja image 2021Master of Tourism (MTour)
Visitor Host, Waikato Museum

The University of Otago's great international ranking was one of the main reasons I decided to pursue my studies at Otago. The course that I intended to join had an expert faculty and a high-ranked, research-focused department. The beautiful location and diverse campus made me finalise Otago as my study abroad destination.

The opportunity to learn in detail about tourism, its various applications, and its importance in the real world drew me towards choosing to study for a Master of Tourism. It would give me a great understanding of how the tourism industry works and how we can implement our learning and research to engage with people from across the world.

The programme was purely research-based and covered various aspects of tourism. Practical learning through numerous field trips provided in-depth knowledge of the current issues and workings of the industry. Interactive lectures helped us understand different viewpoints and kept us updated with current trends. The faculty presented us with opportunities to volunteer at various events which gave us practical knowledge of the industry. The opportunity to learn from an experienced and friendly staff made studies fun and informative.

Making lifelong friends was the essence of my time at Otago. I took part in cultural fests and tried new things like choreographing a dance, learning new languages and trying a new sport which helped develop my overall personality. The chance to live in a multicultural environment and participate in loads of different activities, sports, fests, events etc. turned Otago into a place that I never wanted to leave. It's not just about study at Otago but living an experience that transforms your life for the better.

I currently work as a visitor host at Waikato Museum and my job is to communicate with visitors regarding the museum's exhibits and services. My degree provided me with in-depth knowledge, both theoretical and practical, of the field that I wish to work in. My time at Otago prepared me to step into the professional world and kick-start my career. In the future, I plan to work in the field of heritage marketing and enhance the credibility of museums and cultural institutions.

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