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Jeremy520Where are you from?
France, a surbub near Paris.

When did you come to New Zealand?
October 23rd, 2012.

How did you hear about Otago?
From the internet and friends from Tahiti.

How did you feel when you first arrive? How do feel now?
I was surprised by being around so many people from other countries and the new building with very new technology.

What are you studying? Why?
General English and topic lessons to help me pass the toeic test.
To learn better English, grammar, speaking and vocabulary.

What do you like about New Zealand?

It's a safe country and beautiful place with great people.
People are very different from France – they never judge you.
I love to play rugby

What do you like about Dunedin?
It's not a big city. The people are welcoming and helpful. It's a safe city with many things to do.
The city is very beautiful.

What do you like about Language Centre?
The quality of the teaching and the quality of the school. The great location. The teachers are very helpful.

Why did you choose the Language Centre?

Because of the quality.
Information was provided very easily.

What are your goals? Or where do you feel this will lead you to?
I want to be a Personal Trainer.
I hope to get my diploma and a good job and play rugby anywhere in the world not only restricted to one country.

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