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Professor Graham Wallis

Research interests

  • Population genetics
  • Molecular evolution
  • Molecular systematics and biogeography of endemic species
  • Genetics of hybrid zones

Current projects

  • Adaptive evolution of a zona pellucida-region gene in galaxiid fishes
  • The evolution of melanism in NZ alpine weta, Hemideina maori
  • Phylogeography of NZ endemic fishes and insects
  • Genetic analysis of hybridisation in European newts


Current/recent postdocs

  • Lise Wallis Comparative transcriptomics of migratory and stream-resident galaxiid fishes (Marsden-funded)
  • Smita Apte Phylogeography and population genetic structuring of koura (Paranephrops spp.) (FoRST-funded)
  • Jon Waters Molecular systematics of New Zealand galaxiid fish: speciation and biogeography (Marsden-funded)
  • Steven Trewick New Zealand phylogeography: evidence from spatio-temporal congruence of invertebrate endemism and diversity (FoRST-funded)
  • Mary Morgan-Richards Speciation, intergradation or hybrid zones? Comparing contact zones between chromosomal races of the Auckland tree weta (Hemideina thoracica) (Marsden-funded)

Current/recent graduate students

  • Keith King (PhD): Phylogeography and the evolution of melanism in the alpine weta, Hemideina maori
  • David Winter (PhD): Phylogeography of Pacific landsnails
  • Graham McCulloch (PhD): Evolutionary genetics of southern stoneflies
  • Shan Crow (PhD): Evolutionary ecology of southern galaxiid fishes
  • Renate Sponer (PhD): World-wide phylogeography of the brooding brittle star Amphipholis squamata
  • Yuzine bin Esa (MSc): Genetic analysis of hybridisation in New Zealand galaxiid fish
  • Debbie Steel (MSc): Population genetics of the sea snake star Astrobrachion constrictum in Fiordland

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  • evolutionary genetics, systematics, hybridisation, phylogeography


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