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Dunedin campus computer labs

There are over 30 student computer areas (labs, CALs) located around the University of Otago's Dunedin campus:

  • non-bookable computer rooms
  • bookable computer rooms
  • libraries
  • eStops (for quick use only)
  • Some areas contain Windows PC computers and others contain Mac OS ones that have the option of logging in as Windows computers. All computer labs have multifunction devices which can scan, photocopy and print in black and white and colour. A number of the rooms have 24/7 swipecard access after-hours and on the weekends.

Note that the student "Desktop" is no longer only found in our computer rooms, but you can experience it on your own computer, laptop tablet by installing and running it from

Useful links

Locations and hours

Map showing student computer area locations on the Dunedin campus (please click for a larger version):


Note that Burns is now permanently closed and Arts will no longer be open 24/7. Instead it will be open Monday to Friday 7:30am? to 7pm only.

Computer lab information

Lab Code Computer Numbers Hours Machine Type Sound System
Non Bookable Rooms
Commerce 3.14 31

(24/7 for Commerce students)

Win 7 No
Commerce 3.15 31 8:30am-6pm,
(24/7 for Commerce students)
Win 7 No
Bookable Rooms
Arts CAL ACAL 45 NOTE: This lab is now only open Mon-Fri 7:30am -7pm  Win 7 Yes
Central (ground floor Richardson) CNCAL 26 Law Library hours Win 7 Yes
Commerce 3.03 CO303 33 8:30am-6pm,
(24/7 for Commerce students)
Win 7 Yes
Commerce 3.16 CO316 34 8:30am-6pm,
(24/7 for Commerce students)
Win 7 Yes
Commerce 3.17 CO317 10 8:30am-6pm,
(24/7 for Commerce students)
Win 7 Yes
Commerce 3.18 CO318 20 8:30am-6pm,
(24/7 for Commerce students)
Win 7 Yes
Enterprise TG06 23 24 hour swipecard access Mac OS X/ Win 7 No
Hercus HCCAL 60 24 hour swipecard access  Win 7


Hunter HUCAL 41 24 hour access during the week, closed weekends Mac OS X/ Win 7 Yes
McGregor COG05 31 24 hour swipecard access Win 7 Yes
North NCAL 29 24 hour swipecard access Win 7 Yes
Plaza 21 Plaza Building hours Win 7 Yes
Rabel COG04 37 24 hour swipecard access Win 7 Yes
Tower TG05 37 24 hour swipecard access Win 7 Yes
West WCAL 25 24 hour swipecard access Win 7 Mac OS X Yes
Castle 18 Building Hours

Win 7

Hunter 8 Building Hours Win 7
Link (ISB) 9 Building Hours Win 7


12 Building Hours Win 7
Psychology 6 Building Hours Win 7
St David 12 Building Hours Win 7
Central (ISB) 160 Library hours Win 7
Dental Library hours Win 7
Law 17 Library Hours Win 7
Med 8 Library Hours Win 7
Roberston 39 Library Hours Win 7
Science 12 Library Hours Win 7

Computer lab hours may change during public holidays and during semester breaks –

Computer Room Layouts 2015

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Student desktop computers

Accessing the student desktop computers

You will need to be a current student with a University username and password to access these machines. If you have forgotten your password,
reset your password here, or see a Student IT Advisor with your student ID card.

Access to the student desktop is locked for 15 minutes if your account has had the password entered incorrectly seven or more times within 30 minutes.

Find out more about the managed student desktop computers and software here

Rules and policies

Please read the following information to make sure you comply with your responsibilities when using the computers provided by the University of Otago:

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Further information

Do you have a question? Please see our Frequently Asked Questions about student computing areas

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