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Looking for ways to engage with the Asia-Pacific region? The Centres of Asia-Pacific Excellence ( CAPEs ) collectively form a hub to help New Zealanders prepare for and find success in the diverse and vibrant Asia-Pacific region: North Asia, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

Utilising university networks and expertise, the CAPEs deliver a range of innovative programmes, resources, and initiatives that enable New Zealanders to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Asia-Pacific, and build future-focused commercial, educational and cultural relationships in the region's vital economies.

As a member of the CAPEs consortium of four universities, the University of Otago delivers a range of programmes to assist in meeting the CAPEs strategic objectives.  These are detailed below, with information on how you can take part in our initiatives and find out more.

Learn more at the Centres of Asia Pacific Excellence website

Aotearoa Explorers

Aotearoa Explorers is a free online game in which school students and others can explore the Asia-Pacific regions. Aotearoa Explorers aims to spark interest and deepens understanding of the Asia-Pacific region in a fun and educational way. It is also designed to aid teaching of the education curriculum,  with themes including culture, sustainability and global citizenship.

You can play the game here

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The Context: Asia-Pacific

The Context: Asia-Pacific is an online platform that delivers targeted research-based insights for policy and industry leaders to understand Asia-Pacific trends and perspectives, and to facilitate their engagement with the Asia-Pacific. The featured insights are sourced from researchers in New Zealand Universities and our Asia-Pacific networks.

You can visit The Context: Asia-Pacific website here

If you would like your research to be featured, or if you are a writer who would like to contribute, please contact us at

Winds of Change programmes (Latin America and North Asia)

Winds of Change is an education programme with two streams provided by the Latin America and North Asia Centres of Asia-Pacific Excellence, bringing together postgraduate students and young professionals from New Zealand and Chile, and New Zealand and China, to investigate common climate change issues and sustainable development strategies for the future.

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