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StudyAssistanceGraphicThe professional development of our staff is important to us here at the University, and study assistance may be available to you. Study assistance may be a fees subsidy, and/or time to attend classes for staff who wish to study both internally and externally. Distance learning is a further option for staff who may wish to study around their work commitments.

View the Study Assistance Policy for more detailed information

Who is eligible?

Where employment conditions specify the granting of study leave and the payment of fees, these should be adhered to. In all other cases (including grant funded staff) the following criteria apply:

  • Members of staff whose employment is half time or more, and who have a minimum contract of 10 months may apply for study assistance.
  • The exception to this is staff applying for study assistance for DBA/MBA programmes must be permanent, full time staff.
  • Staff who do not have permanent resident status and enrol in courses for which full cost fees are required are normally not eligible for study assistance.

How to apply for study assistance

Recommendations for study assistance must be approved by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (or the Dean in the Division of Health Sciences) or Divisional Head.

All applications for study assistance must be submitted to the approver at least 3 weeks prior to the due date for payment of fees.

Key contacts

Denise Lindsay
Head of Organisational Development

+64 3 479 5431

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