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Sophia Charter partners assemble for the annual hui June 2022
Sophia Charter partners assemble for the annual hui June 2022

Whether it's addressing issues of rubbish in the streets, increasing recycling opportunities, supporting students to understand tenant rights, or developing new spaces for students to socialise, the Charter's signatory partners work with students and for students to make the North Dunedin student community a safer place to live, study and socialise.

Charter partners meet annually to report on progress and to discuss any further initiatives that would enhance safety and wellbeing within our student community.

We want to hear from students about what else can be done to support this Kaupapa.

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Students cleaning up for Sophia Crestani Clean-up day

Annual Sophia Crestani North Dunedin Tidy Up and Recycle Day

OUSA | University of Otago Sustainability Office | Proctor's Office | Residential Colleges | DCC | Social Impact Studio | Property Services

A community sustainability initiative to help keep North Dunedin tidy. In its first year, volunteers removed 16.8 tonnes of rubbish, 500kg of glass, and one load of furniture on a flat deck truck. The clean-up encourages students and the Dunedin community to come together to keep the community clean and complements ongoing efforts to manage rubbish on student streets. The Tidy Up and Recycle Day is just the beginning. Ultimately, the Charter aims to create an environment where clean-ups are no longer needed.

Drop for Good

OUSA | University of Otago Sustainability Office | Proctor's Office | Otago Property Investors | DCC

Toward the end of the year, volunteers collect unwanted clothing, furniture and household goods from student flats. Come the start of the school year, students can purchase these goods at the Drop for Good Sale. This creates a circular system – creating as little waste as possible – and helps keep North Dunedin tidy.

Drop for Good on Facebook

Healthy flats

Otago Property Investors | Dunedin City Council

Living in a warm and dry flat significantly enhances the wellbeing of our students. This initiative encourages landlords to take advantage of free “healthy home” resources available through the Council. Improved communication and feedback mechanisms for both students and landlords will also help create a healthier and happier environment.

Otago Property Investors Association


University of Otago | Proctor's Office | OUSA | Police

More than just a week of fun and games, Otago's Orientation Week also prepares students for the academic year ahead and helps students start on the right foot. O-Week initiatives like UNIO 101, campus tours, welcome sessions and programme orientations help give students a broader picture of wellbeing and ensure the transition to university is as smooth as possible.

Information about Orientation at Otago

Safer flatting

Fire and Emergency New Zealand | University of Otago | Police | OUSA | Otago Property Investors

Flatting is a big part of the Otago student experience. Work to promote safe flatting in North Dunedin will continue. Students are encouraged to be considerate of others, look out for each other, be mindful of the Code of Student Conduct, and take advantage of OUSA-led initiatives aimed at keeping students safe.

Code of Student Conduct
Good One Dunedin party register

Recycling hubs

Dunedin City Council | University of Otago | Proctor's Office | OUSA | Otago Property Investors

The colourful recycling facility provides an extra option for North Dunedin residents who may find themselves with more recycling than will fit in their recycling bins. The hub takes cardboard, plastic, cans and colour-sorted glass.

Castle Street Recyling Hub

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