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Simon Allen from 27–30 April 2021

Simon has an established career as and executive and director. His current directorships include IAG NZ, New Zealand Refining, Antarctic Heritage trust and more. He was previously the CEO of ABN Amro New Zealand. Simon also has extensive experience working with government, for example he was the inaugural Chair of the Financial Markets Authority, the Inaugural Chair of Auckland Council Investments Limited and as Chairman, restructured the New Zealand Stock Exchange from a mutual society to a corporate listed company.

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James Miller from 2–6 September 2019

James was appointed a director in August 2010 and New Zealand Stock Exchange's (NZX's) Chair in May 2015. He spent 14 years working in the share-broking industry, with Craigs Investment Partners, ABN AMRO, Barclays de Zoete Wedd and ANZ Securities.

Jeremy Hill from 29 April–3 May 2019

Jeremy Hill has nearly 30 years' experience in banking having undertaken a variety of Operations and Business Management roles in locations around the world including London, Singapore and Sydney. Jeremy started out at JPMorgan and has worked for Bankers Trust, Credit Suisse and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Jeremy is the Head of Investment Office for the Accident Compensation Corporation in Wellington.

Former Executives in Residence

  • Lara Ariell, Chief Financial Officer, Inland Revenue
  • Antonia Watson, Managing Director Retail and Business Banking, ANZ
  • Warren Allen, Chief Executive – External Reporting Board
  • Graham Crombie, Professional Director & Business Advisor
  • John Judge, Chairman, ANZ
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