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Our research benefits global communities

Our staff's research contribute directly to Otago's reputation as a leading research institution. We focus on current issues from the world of commerce, with results directly benefitting the communities we serve. This research also forms the basis of our world-class teaching.

Research interests in the Department

The research interests of the staff in the Department span the broad areas of:

  • Auditing
  • Capital markets
  • Corporate finance
  • Corporate governance
  • Sustainable finance and accounting
  • Financial accounting
  • Financial institutions
  • Financial reporting
  • Investments
  • Management accounting
  • Quantitative finance and derivatives

Current and specialised research groups

Centre for Organisational Performance Measurement and Management (COPMM)

COPMM brings together researchers with a common interest in the performance measurement and management of organisations, for the purposes of sharing and promoting innovative and best practice.

Visit the COPMM website

Department staff: Professor Ralph Adler (Chair), Dr Nicola Beatson, Dr Dinithi Ranasinghe, Dr Hoa Luong

Climate and Energy Finance Group (CEFGroup)

The Climate and Energy Finance Group (CEFGroup) undertakes high-quality, rigorous, quantitative and independent research in the areas of climate finance, sustainable investing, energy markets and carbon markets. The group is a founding member of the Global Research Alliance for Sustainable Finance and Investment (GRASFI).

Department staff and PhD students: meet 'the CEFGroup Team' via their blog

Derivatives and Quantitative Finance Group (DQFGroup)

Quantitative Finance is an interdisciplinary area between Finance and Applied Mathematics. The research in this area usually requires advanced mathematical skills, such as partial differential equations, stochastic calculus and applied probability, which have been widely used in Engineering and Applied Sciences. The research outputs often have direct applications in empirical finance research and financial derivative trading.

Department staff and students: meet 'the DQFGroup Team' via their blog

Student Engagement Research Group (SERGE)

SERGE is an Otago Business School initiative aimed to showcase and develop student engagement research across disciplines.

Find about more about SERGE

Department staff: Dr Nicola Beatson,  Dr Sarah Carr (Founders)

Expertise in the Department

Our expertise covers a wide range of areas in both accountancy and finance.

Visit our staff profile pages if you are:

  • A postgraduate students looking for a supervisor
  • Interested in what our staff are researching
  • A member of the business community looking for information or assistance

Research degrees

Research is a significant part of the work of academic staff and a close supervisory relationship is maintained with the research activities of our postgraduate students.

Accounting and Finance postgraduate students have the opportunity to integrate their research with the work of staff.

Learn more about our postgraduate programmes

Postgraduate research opportunities

Read about current research opportunities at the University of Otago and find a research project that meets your academic and professional needs and interests.

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