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Finance is universal

Study for a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in Finance and unlock the secrets to the world's powerful financial system. Maybe you are looking to combine Finance with another discipline – with a double major – or even just take a paper or two? No matter how you include Finance in your degree, Otago is the right choice.

Find out more about undergraduate study in Finance below:

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) majoring in Finance

A degree in Finance from Otago opens doors to an exciting range of well-paid careers – all over the globe. Learn about components of the financial system, and about the institutions and financial instruments that facilitate the transfer of funds between individuals, business and organisations.

The BCom is a three-year undergraduate degree. You can major in Finance, combine it with another business major (double major) or complete a double degree.

Broad business knowledge: Finance and business skills combined

Get an excellent education in Finance, and gain a broad understanding of the business environment through completion of the seven required papers.

Plan a useful degree: Combine other subjects with your Finance major

A diverse study programme adds a valuable dimension to a Commerce degree. Popular disciplines include Mathematics and Statistics, Accounting, and Economics.

Mathematics and Statistics

The study and understanding of Finance is greatly improved by confidence in mathematics and statistics, therefore all students majoring in Finance are required to take some mathematics and statistics (e.g.BSNS 112 and FINC 102). Employers rate analytical skills highly, as well as the ability to analyse spreadsheets.

Students may choose to include further analytical papers in their degree such as ECON 210, ECON 375, and papers offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.


Finance draws on Accounting records and reports, therefore Finance majors are required to complete the Accounting paper BSNS 115. Additionally, ACCT 211, ACCT 310 and ACCT 260 are particularly useful for Finance students.


Due to a common disciplinary base it is recommended that students include Principles of Economics 2 (ECON 112) in their degree, in addition to the BCom-required paper, BSNS 113.

ECON 210 is also excellent preparation for postgraduate study.

Students should discuss their intentions with a course advisor during course approval time or during the academic year.

Regulations: BCom in Finance

Find out more about Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) regulations at Otago.

Combine Finance with other majors at Otago

Finance can be included in your BCom in a variety of ways. Study for a double major, or include a few papers into your other degree for interest – the choice is yours.

Students should discuss their intentions with a course advisor during course approval time or during the academic year.

Finance as a double major or degree

Consider studying towards a double degree, or double major. In either case, you will need to plan your course carefully, to ensure you meet all the requirements.

A double major consists of two separate majors attached to a single degree. A double major programme doesn't mean that more than the minimum number of points for the degree is required.

A double degree involves two separate degrees – each with its own field of study. Double degrees require careful planning of your programme - you may be required to take on more papers during semester, or complete papers at Summer School.

Contact the Department about completing a double degree, or double major, in Finance.

Finance as a Minor

Finance is as great complement to any degree – especially other commerce degrees. Whatever your Major, many of us find roles working in a business environment. A knowledge of Finance provides an understanding or how organisations raise – and spend – money.

Finance is a great minor subject for a BA, BPA, BSc, BAppSc or BCom degree.

Read the programme requirements for a Minor in Finance at Otago.

Finance papers

Looking for an extra paper – or two – to complete your degree? Commerce student or not, a knowledge of Accounting is useful in almost any field.

Take Finance papers without making it your major or minor.

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