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Affiliated Colleges Statute 2011

Category Statutes
Type Statute
Approved by Approved by Council – 11 October 2011
Date Statute Took Effect 1 January 2012
Last approved revision
Sponsor Registrar and Secretary to the Council
Responsible officer


1. Title

1.1. This is the Affiliated Colleges Statute 2011.

2. Commencement

2.1. This Statute shall come into effect on 1 January 2012.

3. Grant of Affiliation

3.1. The Governing Body of any private College or similar institution may apply to the University Council for recognition as an affiliated residential College of the University.

3.2. The University Council may grant affiliation where the private College or institution:

  1. makes a significant proportion of its places available to University students;
  2. provides learning support services;
  3. provides pastoral care and support for students;
  4. provides a collegiate lifestyle with recreational and social programmes;
  5. has significant links with the academic staff of the University;
  6. is operated as a non-profit making institution, with any operational surpluses directed towards the betterment of student facilities and services;
  7. has buildings and other facilities which meet or exceed appropriate standards of regulatory compliance.

3.3. Where the applicant for affiliation is a new institution without any previous record of provision of accommodation, provisional affiliation may be granted for a twelve-month period by the University Council. At the end of the twelve-month period the applicant shall supply the University Council with details of the services provided to students by the applicant, and may apply for full affiliation.

4. Undertakings of Affiliated Colleges

4.1. An affiliated residential College shall undertake to:

  1. liaise with the University Council in formulating common policy;
  2. preserve and develop the characteristics provided for in section 3 of this Statute;
  3. be a member of the Council of Affiliated Colleges.

5. Undertakings of University

5.1. The University shall undertake to:

  1. liaise with the individual Governing Bodies of affiliated Colleges in formulating common policy;
  2. support the affiliated College in its efforts to preserve and develop the characteristics provided for in section 3 of this Statute;
  3. liaise with the Council of Affiliated Colleges.

6. Review of Affiliation

6.1. Affiliation shall be reviewed at the end of each five-year period by the University Council and by the Governing Bodies of affiliated Colleges.

7. Repeal

7.1. The Affiliated Colleges and Halls Statute 2000 is repealed with effect from the commencement of this Statute.