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Category Information & Communications Technology
Type Procedure
Approved by Vice-Chancellor, August 2009
Date Procedure Took Effect 27 August 2009
Last approved revision 30 June 2011
Sponsor Director, Information Technology Services
Responsible officer Manager Information Security


The purpose of this Procedure is to ensure that the University has adequate protection from viruses which infect computers and other technology.

Organisational scope

This Procedure applies University-wide.


Anti-virus software products
Local Area Network
Anti-virus software suite


1. Procedure

  1. Anti-virus software is mandatory.
  2. Any system which is geographically located on a University of Otago campus or remotely connected to a University of Otago campus must have up-to-date antivirus software installed and operating. This includes laptop computers and computers owned by staff, students or visitors to the University. Anyone responsible for bringing a system onto a University of Otago Campus is responsible for ensuring that anti-virus software is installed.
  3. The AV product installed on desktops and servers must be configured to update on a daily or more frequent basis.
  4. All Computers used solely as servers should have an Anti Virus product installed and operating.
  5. Only servers where a significant negative impact would result from operating anti-virus software, or servers running an Operating System with low likelihood of virus infection such as Solaris or VMS , may be considered for exemption from this procedure.
  6. All exemptions must be authorised in writing by the Director of Information Technology Services.

Related policies, procedures and forms

Pointers to anti-virus products and information is maintained on the University's IT security site.

Contact the ITS Service Desk or the ITS web site for more details on this product.

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