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Domestic and international air travel approval and booking processes, May 2022

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) recently revised the way that staff book travel to remove the additional approval steps implemented as a response to the impact of COVID 19, while still being mindful of the need to reduce the impact of air travel on climate change. From May 2022, the following arrangements will be in effect:

Domestic air travel

All work-related domestic travel can now be approved using pre-COVID‑19 Divisional approval processes.

  • All travel decisions and approvals should consider the significant impact air travel has on climate change as well as the financial implications.
  • Travel disruption contingency planning. A plan for work must be agreed between the staff member and approver to cover any possible disruption to travel plans.

International travel (including Australia)

Revised international travel approval process

From 1 May 2022

Work-related international travel for staff and graduate research students can be approved using pre-COVID 19 Divisional approval processes noting that:

  • Staff are asked to consider the negative impact of increased emissions on climate change as integral to their decision to travel
  • A plan for work must be agreed between the traveller and approver to cover any possible disruption to travel plans
  • University travel insurance is required. In booking this insurance, please be advised that:
    • While travel insurance currently covers medical costs arising from COVID 19, non-medical disruption insurance only covers up to $200 per day with a maximum of $1,400 total (ie. If the traveller is delayed or required to isolate due to COVID 19 at some point on their journey).
    • The department/unit will be expected to cover any extra costs for University travellers not covered by the insurance and therefore the approver should carefully consider the relevant risks and whether the potential costs can be justified.
    • Staff and graduate research students should also be aware of the possibility that permission to travel by the University may be rescinded at short notice if COVID 19 conditions change here or overseas, and that insurance will be withdrawn if the destination country is placed on the Government's no-travel advisory before the journey commences.
    • If you have any questions, please contact:

Travel must be booked via the MTA using the same process as for domestic offline bookings. International travel requires approval by the relevant SLT member.

Travel cost increases

Should there be any unavoidable cost increases between approval and when the booking occurs, re-approval will not be needed. However, any scope change to the original travel request such as an additional route, additional accommodation, different class of travel, will require re-approval by your applicable approval authority.

Sharon van Turnhout

Chief Financial Officer

Arranging University-related travel must be conducted through approved channels. Special supplier contracts have been negotiated to ensure the most cost effective options for the University.

The University has developed several travel related policies and procedures to assist you with your travel arrangements. You should familiarise yourself with these documents prior to booking your domestic or international air flights, accommodation, taxis/shuttles, arranging a rental car, or travel insurance.

Organising travel information

Further information about travel

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