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CategoryHealth and Safety
TypeCode of Practice
Approved byVice Chancellor, November 2003
Date Code of Practice Took Effect1 November 2003
Last approved revision21 November 2016
SponsorChief Operating Officer
Responsible officerDirector, Health, Safety and Wellbeing


The purpose of the Code is:

  1. to establish safe diving procedures and foster a safety conscious culture which optimises the productivity of the University of Otago's diving operation
  2. to ensure that all diving is conducted in a manner which minimises and/or prevents diving accidents, injuries or illnesses
  3. to administer and maintain industry standards for divers

Organisational scope

This Code applies to:

  • Diving activities in New Zealand and overseas where those activities form part of the research or work of any University employee or student
  • Employees of the University of Otago undertaking diving activities
  • Students involved in diving either on a part or full-time basis while undertaking research or studies at the University of Otago
  • Anyone diving as a volunteer for any student or staff member or on behalf of the University of Otago
  • Diving activities from University vessels
  • Other persons who are diving for hire or reward for the University of Otago.
  • Visitors from other institutions diving in association with the University of Otago
  • Subcontractors undertaking work for the University of Otago or its staff/students as part of their research
  • Employees undertaking dive training activities as a requirement of their employment
  • For the purpose of this document the words diving and divers relates to both scuba and snorkel divers.

This code does not apply to:

  • Diving for pleasure conducted by students or staff of the University of Otago that has no relationship to their research, studies or work
  • Diving undertaken by members of the University of Otago Dive Club for recreation.


Please see definitions within the PDF document (section below).


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Contact for further information

If you have any queries regarding the content of this policy or need further clarification, contact:

Director, Health, Safety and Wellbeing

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