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_DSC5063Diving is an important research tool at the University of Otago, and so it's important that the appropriate Health & Safety measures are in place.

The Scuba Diving Health & Safety Policy, along with the Code of Practice for Diving at the University of Otago are two key documents which outline the planning and safety requirements for diving as part of university research work.

View the Scuba Diving Health & Safety Policy
View the Code of Practice for Diving

Requirements to dive

All University of Otago staff and students must meet the requirements to dive before embarking on any diving trips. A Dive Plan must be completed

Download the flow chart for staff to determine requirements to dive (PDF format, 207KB)

Download the flow chart for students to determine requirements to dive (PDF format, 210KB)

Check out Dives

All check out dives will be conducted at the Portobello Marine Laboratory. The Marine Sciences Departmental Dive Officer (DDO) will provide SCUBA tanks and shore support for all check out dives.

The diver requesting a check out dive should forward the below required paper work to the DDO of their department.

  • Copy of highest relevant qualification
  • Copy of required medical (Worksafe for SCUBA and any letter for GP for snorkeling).
  • Copy of current First Aid qualification
  • Copy of Oxygen Therapy certification
  • Copy of last 10 dives from the individual's dive log

The DDO will then email the collated documents to the University Dive Instructor (UDI) seven days before the check out dive to ensure enough time is available to review the files before the check out dive is conducted.

Scientific Dive Course

The University of Otago runs Scientific Dive Courses annually. For details for the next course, please contact the Dive Officer.


Dive Planning

Key contacts

Niall Pearson

University of Otago Dive Officer

Andrea McMillan
Director, Health, Safety and Wellbeing

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