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CategoryProperty Services
Approved byVice-Chancellor, 13 July 2015
Date Policy Took Effect13 July 2015
Last approved revision2 November 2016
SponsorDirector, Property Services
Responsible officerParking/Administration Assistant, Property Services


The University provides approximately 2,300 parking spaces to meet the requirements of University staff, students, departments, visitors and approved contractors and to comply with relevant legislation and planning requirements.

The purpose of this policy is to:

  • outline how the University provides and manages car parks on University-owned property;
  • clarify the responsibilities of Property Services and University car park licensees in the allocation and use of University car parks.

Organisational scope

This applies to all car-parks on the University of Otago Dunedin campus, including Residential Colleges.


Car park
A dedicated space provided for parking a vehicle, usually marked out for that purpose. Includes leased parks (which may be allocated on an individual or area basis), casual or short-term parks, visitor parks, service vehicle parks, loading zones, and mobility parks.
Car parking area
An area with multiple car parks, which may include one or more different types of parks.


  1. General

    The University provides car parks in order to assist the smooth functioning of the University, and to help manage the environmental effects of parking on the campus and surrounding neighbourhood. There is no obligation to provide all staff or any particular individual with a car park, except that where possible parks will be provided for staff and students with mobility-related impairments and for new parents.

  2. Eligibility and Waiting List

    1. University car parks are available by way of licence to University staff, students, departments, staff of University subsidiaries, and, at the discretion of Property Services, may be made available to tenants of University buildings and/or other external users.
    2. Due to demand for parking, Property Services will maintain a waiting list of people wanting a park on campus, with preferred locations(s) stated for each applicant.  Parks will generally be offered, as they become available, to those who have been on the waiting list the longest time, taking into account any preferences for location.  Normally, priority is given to staff and departments, but exceptions may be made in order to provide parks under Clauses 6 and 8 below, or on the approval of the Vice-Chancellor or Director of Human Resources.
    3. Only one park per individual is available.
    4. Where parks are temporarily lost due to a construction project, the affected licence holders will be offered alternative parking if available in the interim, and will be offered their original parks back when they are returned to service.  Where parks are permanently lost due to construction, the affected licence holders will have priority on the waiting list for a new park.
  3. Visitor Parking

    1. The University has limited parking available for visitors.
    2. University departments may lease parks from the University for visitor use, and access to these is administered by those departments. Any such allocations are subject to a signed declaration from the Head of Department stating that the park will not be used for staff parking.
    3. Parks for visitors not directly related to a specific department are provided by Property Services (Albany Street) and the Office of the Registrar and Secretary to Council (Clocktower Building).
    4. Visitor parks are not available to students, unless arranged with the relevant department or division.
  4. Service Car Parks

    1. Property Services will maintain adequate parking for service vehicles on University of Otago campuses.
    2. Service parks are available only for University contractors and Property Services vehicles on University business. These parks are time-limited.
    3. Service parks are to be used only when it is not feasible to park off-campus, and then only for the time required to perform duties such as delivering materials that cannot be easily transported across campus by foot, or where the vehicle is fitted with plant that is required for the work at hand.
  5. Vehicle Tow-away

    1. Licensees of University car-parks have exclusive use of their park between the hours of 7:30am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday. Any person parking in a space where they do not have a licence to do so during these hours can expect their vehicle to be removed at their own expense.
    2. Unauthorised use of parks designed for service, visitors or mobility parking, or parking on areas of the campus that are not marked for car parking may result in the vehicle being removed at the owner's expense.
    3. Property Services is responsible for arranging for the removal of unauthorized vehicles from parking spaces or any other part of the campus. Car park licensees must not arrange for a vehicle to be towed, and should contact Property Services to request the removal of a vehicle (contact
  6. Otago Campus New Parents Car Parking

    1. A number of car parks will be reserved for the use of individuals returning from parental leave or who have joined the workforce with childcare commitments. The car parks will be located in the north, centre and south of the Dunedin campus and, wherever possible, will be covered.
    2. As the number of these car parks is limited, they will be available on a first-come, first-served basis for a minimum of three months and a maximum of one year. At times, there may be higher demand than availability of the parks, and in these circumstances, priority will be given to the parent who has the most need. This may mean priority for the individual who has the youngest child or child with special or high needs. These parks will be available in the first instance to parents of children under 24 months.
    3. If no parks are available close to the individual's work location, then existing lease holders may be approached and offered relocation to a temporary park for the duration of the New Parent's lease.
    4. The allocated holder of the car park will be entitled to the car park for the minimum three-month period. The cost of the car park is set at the standard uncovered rate even if the car park is covered.
    5. To apply for a New Parents car park space, individuals should complete the online waiting list application form via the Property Services website Expecting parents may apply for a New Parent park within the two months prior to going on maternity leave.
  7. Extended Leave (parental, study, research and sabbatical)

    1. Allocated car parks may be sub-let to another University staff member whilst the holder is on extended leave. The car park licensee must advise Property Services of their wish to sub-let the park. In the first instance, Property Services will offer the sub-lease of the park to applicants on the waiting list. If no applicants can be found, the licensee may find a sub-lessee. The person sub-leasing the park must complete and sign the licence agreement and any other relevant paper work. The sub-lessee will be responsible for the parking fee for the duration of the sub-lease. The park may be sub-let to University of Otago staff only, with the proviso that the park is returned to the holder upon their return from extended leave.
  8. Mobility Parking

    1. Mobility parks are provided for the use of students and visitors with mobility-related impairments, and are clearly marked as such. The parks are not for the use of staff with impairments, as they can use leased parks as set out below, in 8 (f) and (g).
    2. University mobility parks are available for use by University of Otago mobility parking permit holders only. Permits are issued to students with a demonstrated need for mobility parking. Applicants should provide either a valid CCS Disability Action Mobility Parking Permit and/or a letter written by a relevant professional that supports the use of a University mobility park. Permits are issued by the Disability Information and Support (DI&S) office and applicants will be required to sign a code of practice.
    3. Mobility parks are free of charge to users, and access is on a first-come first-served basis.
    4. In all instances, a University mobility parking permit is to be displayed on the dashboard of vehicles using mobility parks.
    5. Any vehicle parked in a DI&S mobility park and not displaying the appropriate DI&S parking permit will be towed away at the owner's expense.
    6. Staff with a temporary mobility impairment (eg recovering from surgery) are able to lease a University car park at the standard rate for the term of the recovery period (as stated on the medical certificate or ACC certificate). If no parks are available close to the individual's work location, then existing lease holders may be approached and offered relocation to a temporary park for the duration of the temporary lease.
    7. University of Otago staff members with permanent mobility impairments are able to lease a park at the standard rate. Property Services will source a suitable park and priority will be given over others on the waiting list if the applicant can provide a letter from a relevant professional supporting the need for a park close to the applicant's place of work and if the applicant meets the following requirements:
      • Unable to walk and rely on a wheelchair for mobility, or
      • Rely on mobility devices (e.g. crutches, walking sticks, walking frame), or
      • Unable to walk more than 200 metres unassisted because of the nature or severity of the impairment.
    8. Property Services, in consultation with the Disability Information & Support Office, will regularly review the number and location of mobility parks.
  9. Management of parks

    1. Property Services is responsible for the development, control, management and maintenance of all University parking areas except for those at the University's residential colleges, which are administered by the respective colleges.
    2. Property Services will charge a parking fee for all parks. Visitor parks will be charged to the Department that requests the visitor park. Similarly, service parks will be charged to Property Services, and mobility parks will be charged to the Disability Information and Support Service.
    3. Parking fees will be reviewed on an annual basis and will take into account market rents applying in the campus area. The Vice-Chancellor will set parking fees taking into account advice from Property Services.

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