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Approved byCouncil, 8 July 2020
Date Procedure Took Effect8 July 2014
Last approved revision18 June 2020
SponsorDeputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
Responsible officerManager, Policy and Compliance


  1. To put in place a procedure to be followed by Academic Departments and Divisions in order to limit enrolment in particular papers and programmes due to insufficiency of resources.
  2. To ensure the way in which limitation of enrolment is applied across the four Academic Divisions is consistent and complies with the Education and Training Act 2020 and clause 10 of the Admission to University Statute 2011.

Organisational scope

The Procedure applies to all University programmes and papers with the following exceptions:

  • The Procedure does not apply to graduate research (thesis) enrolments, for which resourcing for the proposed thesis project will be assessed as part of the admission process.
  • The Procedure does not apply to resource-related limitations on enrolment which are not specific to papers or programmes, such as overall limits on enrolment numbers at the University.


Limitation of Enrolment Form
A form used to collect information on enrolment limits for particular University papers or programmes, including information on the criteria to be used of selecting students for limited places.


  1. Summary

    1. The University Council is required to approve on an annual basis those papers and programmes of study which are to have limitations on their enrolment numbers due to insufficiency of resources (see Education and Training Act 2020 section 255(4) and clause 10.1 of the Admission to University Statute 2011).
    2. Limitations may include specified international places, but only where the ongoing offering of these places is dependent on the payment of fees by the international students who enrol in them (that is, if international students did not continue to enrol in these places over time, the places would need to be disestablished on financial grounds). Such places must be approved by the University Council.
    3. Heads of Academic Departments who consider limitation on enrolments in specific papers and/or programmes to be required must obtain approval each year under the process outlined in clause 2 below.
    4. The approval of enrolment limitations must be completed in sufficient time to enable the information to be available to prospective students for papers or programmes in respect of which limitations are sought to apply.
  2. Approval process

    1. Each year, Divisional Offices shall make available to their departments information on the approval process, including the timeframes for application and the criteria for consideration. Consideration of proposed limitations of enrolment outside of the usual approval period shall only be made in exceptional circumstances.
    2. For any new limitation of enrolment (including a change of conditions for a paper or programme for which enrolment is already limited) a Limitation of Enrolment form must be completed. This must be endorsed by the relevant Head of Department and Pro-Vice-Chancellor and shall include:
      1. the resource-related justification(s) for imposing the limitation on enrolment, which must relate to the availability of staffing, accommodation or equipment;
      2. the recommended number of enrolments allowed for the paper or programme;
      3. where applicable, a recommendation to establish specified international places, and confirmation that these meet the criteria laid out under clause 1(b); and
      4. criteria for selecting applicants for the places available in the paper or programme.
    3. By the deadline advised under clause 2(a), each Division shall provide to the Academic Committees Office a Pro-Vice-Chancellor-endorsed list of all papers and/or programmes for which limitations are being sought. This shall include:
      1. the total maximum enrolment numbers for each included paper or programme;
      2. where applicable, recommended specified international place numbers (as a subset of the total maximum enrolment numbers); and
      3. copies of Limitation of Enrolment forms for any new limitations on enrolment (see 2(b) above).
      For continuing limitations, Pro-Vice-Chancellor endorsement shall confirm that the grounds for the existing limitation and for the establishment of any specified international places continue to apply.
    4. Limitations of enrolment, supported by material provided under clause 2(c), shall be considered by Senate and Council, with Council having the final power of approval. Material will also be provided for information to the Board of Undergraduate Studies and the Board of Graduate Studies.
    5. With respect to maximum enrolment numbers, approvals granted under this process shall be considered to grant approval consequentially for any necessary updating of programme regulations or paper prescriptions.
  3. Selection of students for limited places

    1. Selection criteria must be consistent with the provisions in any relevant programme regulations.
    2. The basic criteria for selection of students for available places in papers and programmes with limitations on enrolment shall be academic merit and suitability for the paper or programme.
    3. Any additional selection criteria must be endorsed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) and approved by Senate. Application for approval of such criteria can be made on the Limitation of Enrolment form; justification for the additional criteria must be provided. The Academic Committees Office will arrange for consideration of the proposed selection criteria by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) and Senate.
    4. Notwithstanding the provisions of clauses 3(b) and 3(c), the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) and Senate have issued a standing approval for the following criteria in relation to the selection of students for limited places in Summer School papers, or second semester papers where enrolment has been sought after the closing date for first semester enrolments:
      1. In cases where the timing of application makes assessment against other applicants impractical, the order of application may be used, with those completing their application first being given preference. In such cases a grade minimum may also be used (i.e. students applying first who meet a minimum grade requirement will be given preference), so long as this does not prevent available places being filled.
      2. For Summer School papers, applicants whose proposed enrolment would complete their degree may be given preference.
    5. Except when selecting for specific international places established by Council, first preference for limited places must be given to qualified domestic applicants.
    6. The selection criteria for papers or programmes with limitations on enrolment shall be made available in University publications, on the University website and/or through the University's Student Management System (eVision).

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