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Applications are due by 5pm on Thursday 2 May 2024 for promotions effective 1 February 2025.

You can find the information for applicants on the Academic Promotion information page.

As an Academic Head, you are required to provide a Head of Department Assessment statement for each applicant in your department. This is also due on the date above.

View the Academic Promotions Policy

Promotion timetable

There is a robust timetable for promotions each year. The 2025 timetable will be available in early March.

View the promotion timetable

Guidelines for Heads of Department/Deans

As Head of Department or Dean, your role is critical to Divisional Committees and Staffing Advisory Committee being able to assess whether an applicant meets the criteria for promotion.

Specific information for Heads of Departments/Deans of academic staff members wanting to apply for promotion is separated out and detailed in part B of the Academic Staff Promotions HR Policy document.

Download Part B of the Academic Promotions policy (PDF format)

Guidelines for Decision-Making Committees

The Vice-Chancellor has delegated to the Pro-Vice-Chancellors (advised by Divisional Committees) authority to consider whether cases presented to them have met the criteria for the promotion/progression sought or an alternative lesser promotion.

Guidance for Divisional Academic Promotions Committees, Staffing Advisory Committee and Special Advisory Committees is contained in part C of the Academic Staff Promotions HR Policy document.

Download Part C of the Academic Promotions policy (PDF format)

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