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You can find detailed information about each University of Otago pool lecture theatre and seminar room via the links below:

Central Campus

Code Room NameCapacity
A4C11Arts Building Seminar Room 4.C.1120
BURN1Burns 1288
BURN2Burns 2175
BURN3Burns 324
BURN4Burns 440
BURN5Burns 540
BURN6Burns 625
BURN7Burns 788
CAST1Castle 1324
CAST2Castle 2415
CASTACastle A32
CASTBCastle B32
CASTCCastle C40
CASTDCastle D38
RMOOTMoot Court100
R7C12Richardson 7C1218
R7N10Richardson 7N1080
RGS2Te Riu40
R1S3Te Wānanga30

North East Campus

Code Room NameCapacity
ARCH1Archway 1183
ARCH2Archway 2120
ARCH3Archway 3121
ARCH4Archway 4268
GR311Consumer and Applied Science Room 1.0650
OBSLG04Otago School of Business Seminar Room LG.0436
OBSLG05Otago School of Business Seminar Room LG.0536
OBSG02Otago School of Business Seminar Room G.0264
OBSG17Otago School of Business Seminar Room G.1764
OBSG19Otago School of Business Seminar Room G.1956
OBS117Otago School of Business Seminar Room 1.1788
OBS119Otago School of Business Seminar Room 1.1960
OBS227Otago School of Business Seminar Room 2.2724
OBS228Otago School of Business Seminar Room 2.2824
OBS229Otago School of Business Seminar Room 2.2924
OBS230Otago School of Business Seminar Room 2.3024
OWG34Owheo Building Seminar Room G.3434
QUAD1Quad 173
QUAD2Quad 2218
QUAD3Quad 344
QUAD4Quad 4134
QUAD5Quad 522

East Campus (UOCE)

Code Room NameCapacity
AUDITCollege Auditorium486
DCG01Drama Centre - Mary Hopewell Theatre100
DC102Drama Centre Seminar Room47
GMG01College Gymnasium - Seminar Room28
GMG02College Gymnasium - Dance Room30
GMG03College Gymnasium100
T101Teaching Wing 1.0136
T102Teaching Wing 1.0242
T103Teaching Wing 1.0330
T104Teaching Wing 1.0420
T105aTeaching Wing 1.05a60
T106Teaching Wing 1.0630
T201Teaching Wing 2.0136
T202Teaching Wing 2.0240
T203Teaching Wing 2.0336
T204Teaching Wing 2.0450
T205Teaching Wing 2.0525
TG07Tower Block G.07243
TG08Tower Block G.08115

North West Campus

CodeRoom NameCapacity
55U21355 Union St - Room 213 (Phys Ed Building)60
BIG13 Biochemistry Building Seminar Room G.013 96
ME202Mellor Lab Seminar Room 2.0248
ME215 Mellor Lab Seminar Room 2.15 72
STDAVSt David Complex Lecture Theatre LT01545
SDAVASt David Complex Seminar Room A G.0260
SDAVBSt David Complex Seminar Room B G.02A60
SDAVCSt David Complex Seminar Room C G.0340
SDAVDSt David Complex Seminar Room D G.0440
SDAVESt David Complex Seminar Room E 1.0146
SDAVFSt David Complex Seminar Room F 1.0248
UNISTUnion Street48


CodeRoom NameCapacity
71FRG05 71 Frederick Street G.05 48
71FRG10 71 Frederick Street G.10 90
DENTBDental Blue122
HUG02Hunter Centre Seminar Room G.0216
HUG03Hunter Centre Seminar Room G.0316
HUG07Hunter Centre Seminar Room G.0716
HUG08Hunter Centre Seminar Room G.0816
HUG12Hunter Centre Seminar Room G.1216
HUG13Hunter Centre Seminar Room G.1316
HUG15Hunter Centre Seminar Room G.1516
HUG30AHunter Centre Seminar Room G.30A42
HUG30BHunter Centre Seminar Room G.30B42
HU102Hunter Centre Seminar Room 1.0215
HU103Hunter Centre Seminar Room 1.0315
HU105Hunter Centre Seminar Room 1.0515
HU106Hunter Centre Seminar Room 1.0615
HU108Hunter Centre Seminar Room 1.0815
HU109Hunter Centre Seminar Room 1.0915
HU111Hunter Centre Seminar Room 1.1115
HU118Hunter Centre Seminar Room 1.1830
HU119Hunter Centre Seminar Room 1.1930
HU120Hunter Centre Seminar Room 1.2030
HU121Hunter Centre Seminar Room 1.2130
HU122Hunter Centre Seminar Room 1.2230
HU123Hunter Centre Seminar Room 1.2330
HC122Hercus (D'Ath)108
MS140Marine Science Seminar Room 1.4020
MDREDScott (Med Red)191
SV205Surveying 2.0594
SVG10Surveying RmG1082

Accessibility information about Dunedin campus lecture theatres

Auckland Centre

  • Teaching Room 4.01
  • Teaching Room 4.02
  • Teaching Room 4.12

Please visit the Auckland Centre website for further information about booking rooms at the University of Otago Auckland Campus.

For further information about University of Otago pool rooms please contact the University of Otago Timetables and Data Management Group:

Last Updated: 14 May 2021

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