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contact alumni

If there is someone from your time at Otago you've lost touch the Development & Alumni Relations Office may be able to help you.

The information held in the Alumni Register is confidential under the New Zealand Privacy Act, so cannot be given out. However, we are able to pass your request on to the person or people you're trying to find, provided we have their current contact information. The person will then respond to you directly (or not), at his or her own discretion.

If you would like us to contact someone on your behalf please email, including your name, postal address and a message for us to forward to them. Please provide us with as much information as you can about the person you're looking for: it will help us to forward the message to the right address. As there are people in our records who share the same name, details such as years at Otago, courses studied, even middle initials, can help us get in touch with the right person - which may also make a difference to whether or not you receive a reply. Please note that in general we do not hold contact details for former staff members of the University.

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