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The Otago University Trust was established to provide a tax-effective vehicle for University of Otago supporters living in the United Kingdom. All gifts made through the Trust are transferred in full to the University of Otago for the precise purpose for which the gift was made. There are no expenses associated with the Trust as all the work is carried out by the Trustees on a pro bono basis. The Trust is registered as a charity with HMRC, enabling it to reclaim tax on contributions made by U.K. taxpayers. The Charities Commission oversees the Trust.

By making gift aid donations, and where the donor is a U.K taxpayer, the gift is enhanced by 25% from H.M. Revenue and Customs. Therefore for every £100 received from a donor the Trust receives £125. If the donor is a higher rate taxpayer, they will receive a deduction of the difference between the higher rate of tax and the standard rate of tax. Currently this is 20%. For gifts made up until 5 April 2011 there is a government supplement of a further 3 pence payable to the charity.

Any bequest left to the Otago University Trust is exempt from the 40% inheritance tax that is levied on an estate. The Trustees will ensure that, where there is an expression of wish for the funds to be used to support a particular aspect of the work of the University, the bequest will be directed there.

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Donations to the Otago University Trust are administered by Chapel & York.

The Otago University Trust
Chapel & York
12 Ladycross Business Park
Hollow Lane
For further information please contact

Trustees of the Otago University Trust
• Sir Paul Beresford
• Ms Kirsty Fiddes
• Mr Alistair Wishart
• Miss Jenny Moates
• Miss Kyla Chapman

Alongside the Otago University Trust is the UK & Europe Alumni Network.
For further information please contact

• Sir Paul Beresford MP
• Ms Kirsty Fiddes (Chair)
• Miss Kyla Chapman
• Mrs Louise Holding
• Dr Duncan Blaikie
• Mr Alistair Wishart
• Mr Leighton Cassidy
• Miss Emily Close
• Miss Jennifer Moates
• Mr John Zinzan

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