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Tuesday 6 December 2016 2:28pm


Congratulations to co-principle investigator Dr Yusuf Cakmak who, in collaboration with members from the Auckland Bioengineering Institute, has been awarded a MedTech CoRE Seed project grant of $50,000 to further explore the potential of a portable non-invasive camera-based instrument to measure indicators of heart disease.

The evaluation of the jugular vein and carotid artery is one of the more difficult physical examinations to perform accurately, and yet jugular venous waveforms (JVW) and carotid artery pulse waveforms (CAW) are important indicators for diagnosing heart disease. Existing diagnostic methods are based on subjective and unreliable visual observations, or require invasive catheterisation.

Dr Cakmak and the team from the Auckland Bioengineering Institute have built a portable camera-based instrument which can perform JVW and CAW tests. Preliminary tests on healthy subjects have demonstrated that the proto-type is able to measure JVW which offers encouraging evidence that a novel, quantitative non-invasive medical device could perform JVW and CAW tests.

The device has the potential to embed into mobile phones, enabling medical practitioners to use the device as a screening tool to perform initial diagnoses for a range of heart disease.

The funding will enable the team to enter into the next phase of the project, measuring JVW and CAW outputs on 30 healthy subjects.

Visit Dr Cakmak's webpage to learn more.

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