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Professional Practice Fellow
Department of Anatomy
MBBS (Peradeniya)


  • ELM 2, ELM 3 and ALM 5 (2nd, 3rd and 5th year Medical students)
  • DENT 262 (2nd year Dental students)
  • PHTY 250 (2nd year Physiotherapy students)


  • Postgraduate Diploma in Surgical Anatomy


Fahim, S. M., De Silva, W. V. V., & Abeykoon, W. (2021). Role of neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio at booking visit in prediction of gestational diabetes. Sri Lankan Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, 43(1), 16-21. doi: 10.4038/sljog.v43i1.7949 Journal - Research Article

Goonewardena, S., de Silva, C., Jayarajah, U., de Silva, V., Sathesan, B., Pathirathne, P., … Fernando, M. H. (2020). Detrusor muscle in the initial TURBT specimen and recurrence rate at first check cystoscopy in non-muscle invasive bladder cancer. Sri Lanka Journal of Surgery, 38(1), 23-27. doi: 10.4038/sljs.v38i1.8653 Journal - Research Article

de Silva, W. V. V., & Sritharan, S. (2018). A simple method to remove a tight ring using two nylon strings attached to a curved needle. Ceylon Medical Journal, 63(2), 82-83. doi: 10.4038/cmj.v63i2.8681 Journal - Research Other

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