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The Archaeology laboratories are an extensive complex covering some 295 square metres on the ground and first floors of the Richardson Building. They are designed for the efficient throughput of archaeological remains from initial processing to detailed post-excavation analysis. Two rooms are set aside for the cleaning and initial sorting of excavated material, and there is a controlled-temperature room for drying wet materials. Two large laboratories are used for the processing, identification and analysis of assemblages, and we have both on-site and off-site storage for archaeological collections.

Specialised research facilities include extensive reference collections of faunal, lithic and artefactual material, a spatial analysis lab with GIS facilities, a microscopy lab, a petrology lab for the production of thin sections, and an ancient DNA lab run in conjunction with the Department of Anatomy and Structural Biology.

Reference collections

The reference collections have been under development since the late 1960s, and are designed to facilitate accurate identification and interpretation of archaeological remains. They are organised in three main parts:

Archaeozoological Collections

More than 2500 specimens, covering all the main genera and most of the common species of birds, fish, mammals and shellfish found in New Zealand and tropical Pacific archaeological sites, and many of those from South East Asia.

Artefact Collections

More than 300 items, including examples of major artefact classes found in prehistoric sites in New Zealand and the Pacific, and ceramics, glass and metal artefacts found in historic sites in New Zealand.

Geological Collections

Specimens of major rock types exploited prehistorically in New Zealand and the Pacific.

Archaeology Laboratory Manager

Our Archaeology Laboratories are managed by Phil Latham. Phil should be your first point of contact should you wish to access the resources available in our archaeology labs.

Email Phil Latham

GIS Laboratory Manager

Our GIS Laboratory is managed by Heather Sadler. Heather should be your first point of contact should you wish to access the resources available in our GIS lab.

Email Heather Sadler

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