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21 Dec 2016

The Effect of THC on the Dopamine System

A recent review of research shows that THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabi...

19 Dec 2016

Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy

A team of researchers, including Associate Professor Lynette Sadleir of the BHRC...

16 Dec 2016

A Molecule Which Can Improve Memory Function

BHRC researchers have found that a molecule related to amyloid-beta can improve...

16 Dec 2016

Cognitive Decline After Stroke

Dr Andrew Clarkson has validated what stroke sufferers have been reporting for y...

15 Dec 2016

Professorship tops off wonderful year for Otago academic

Professorship tops off wonderful year for Otago academic...


05 Dec 2016

BHRC Researchers Investigate Dyskinesia

BHRC researchers identify which genes put people at risk of developing dyskinesi...


05 Dec 2016

Recovering After Disaster

In the wake of disaster what can we do to reduce the chance of mental health pro...


17 Nov 2016

Roche Scholar Seminar: Madeleine Kyrke-Smith

Madeleine Kyrke-Smith, winner of the 2015 Roche Hanns Möhler Doctoral Scholarshi...

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15 Nov 2016

Space Travel and Brain Damage

What effect will a mission to Mars have on our brains? Is the cost worth it?...


31 Oct 2016

Researcher Profile: Associate Professor Dorothy Oorschot

Associate Professor Dorothy Oorschot is developing a treatment which could save...


26 Oct 2016

A Three-Person Child Is Born

The first child conceived using a controversial fertility technique was recently...

26 Oct 2016


Dr Louise Parr-Brownlie and Dr Stephanie Hughes of the BHRC have founded a platf...

20 Oct 2016

MRI Scans for the Dunedin Longitudinal Study

Professor Ahmad Hariri, from Duke University, discusses his work with the Dunedi...

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07 Oct 2016

Can Cannabis Treat Epilepsy?

Dr Paul Shillito, a paediatric neurologist, explains why medicinal marijuana isn...

30 Sep 2016

Inflatable Brain in the Whakatane Beacon

An article from the Whakatane Beacon about the giant inflatable brain's recent t...


28 Sep 2016

Articles About Our Developmental Researchers

A collection of articles about the developmental researchers who are a part of t...

28 Sep 2016

BHRC Seminars From 2016

A list and links to all of the BHRC seminar articles from 2016...

26 Sep 2016

Can Ketamine Treat Depression?

Professor Paul Glue is running a trial to determine if ketamine is effective for...

09 Sep 2016

2016 Hot Topic Seminar: Dr Andrew Clarkson

Dr Andrew Clarkson has developed a treatment to reduce the impact of stroke...


29 Aug 2016

Researcher Profile: Professor Stephen Robertson

Professor Stephen Robertson is a paediatric geneticist researching genetic disea...


10 Aug 2016

Researcher Profile: Stephanie Hughes

Dr Stephanie Hughes is trying to find treatments for Batten disease...


19 Jul 2016

Physical Effort Discounts Estimates of Future Reward

Thom Elston discusses how motivation is impacted by increases in difficulty...


06 Jul 2016

Can Varenicline Help to Control Huntington's Disease Symptoms?

Dr Ailsa McGregor discusses her work in examining whether the anti-smoking drug...

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06 Jul 2016

The Influence of Exercise on Motor Nerve Terminal Degeneration in Elderly Mice

PhD student Katherine Nielsen explains how exercise could slow the onset of musc...

05 Jul 2016

Innovative Otago brain research supported by Neurological Foundation

University of Otago scientists have gained a total of around $912,000 to pursue...


29 Jun 2016

Researcher Profile - Christine Jasoni

Associate Professor Christine Jasoni keeps you up to date with exactly what she...

29 Jun 2016

Effort Changes How We Experience Movement

PhD student Blake Porter explains how your brain accounts for differences in eff...

23 Jun 2016

Control, Choice, Support

Professor Leigh Hale discusses the success in letting people with multiple scler...


21 Jun 2016

What do you mean 'anxiety'? Developing the first anxiety syndrome biomarker

Professor Neil McNaughton explains how his work may make testing anxiolytics eas...


17 Jun 2016

The Evolving Human Brain: Fertile Genetic Ground for Disease?

Professor Stephen Robertson discusses how human evolution may be the cause of so...

08 Jun 2016

BHRC Conference 2016

The 2016 Brain Health Research Centre Conference...

24 May 2016

Zika Virus: An Update

An update on the current scientific understanding of zika virus...


20 May 2016

Clinical Issues - ASD Seminar in Review

Dr Paul Trani, Frida O'Neill, and Professor Ian McLennan discuss the clinical an...

06 May 2016

Clinical Issues - Epilepsy Seminar in Review

Associate Professor Graeme Hammond-Tooke, a clinician, and Associate Professor B...

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03 May 2016

Maintaining Muscle Tone As You Age

Associate Professor Phil Sheard explains why we get weaker as we age...

02 May 2016

A Potential Genetic Therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorder

We explain a potential new genetic treatment for autism, and explore why autism...


12 Apr 2016

An Update on Neurosurgery Research

Professor Dirk De Ridder, the current Chair of Neurosurgery, updates the public...

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12 Apr 2016

The Power of the Subconscious: Sleep and Dreams

Hypnotherapist Karen Hughes and psychology Professor David Bilkey discuss the re...


07 Apr 2016

The Power of Food - Lecture in Review

Professor Massimiano Bucchi and Professor Dave Grattan discuss food in culture a...

07 Apr 2016

2016 Brain Week In Review

Summaries of every 2016 Brain Week event are available here...


07 Apr 2016

The Power of Music - Lecture in Review

Professor Warren Tate discusses why music may be such a core part of our lives...


07 Apr 2016

An Interview with Russell Snell

Professor Russell Snell explains his role in discovering the Huntington's gene a...


07 Apr 2016

The Impact of Maternal Health on Foetal Development

Associate Professor Christine Jasoni discusses the role of the maternal mind and...


07 Apr 2016

Getting Active After Concussion - Seminar in Review

The Dunedin Concussion Team explain what happens in the brain during a concussio...


07 Apr 2016

Neurodome - Premier in Review

The Neurodome project utilizes immersive display technology, including planetari...

05 Apr 2016

Otago research holds promise for Alzheimer’s diagnostic blood test

University of Otago researchers have discovered a promising new marker that coul...

11 Mar 2016

The Reality Behind the Movie 'Concussion'

The movie 'Concussion' is a perfect time to refresh our understanding of concuss...


09 Mar 2016

Human brain on show in planetarium

Human brain on show in planetarium...

02 Mar 2016

The Future of Human Genetic Engineering

The future of human genetic engineering...

29 Feb 2016

BHRC/BRNZ joint seminar - Prof John Rostas

Emeritus Prof John Rostas says the calcium is a key factor in cell death during...

26 Feb 2016

BHRC February Newsletter

The February issue of the Brain Health Research Centre newsletter...

25 Feb 2016

Science Outreach prize for Blake

BHRC student Blake Porter awarded University of Otago outreach certificate for h...

16 Feb 2016

Brain Week Otago 2016 programme

The programme for Brain Week Otago 2016...

14 Feb 2016

What is this "love hormone" oxytocin?

Dr Karl Iremonger gives the scientific low down on the \...

10 Feb 2016

The link between the immune system and schizophrenia explained

The link between the immune sytem and schizophrenia explained...

09 Feb 2016

Can electrical stimulation boost your brain?

Visiting researcher Professor John Rothwell discusses whether electrical stimula...

thumb - zika

03 Feb 2016

Zika virus - what is known so far

A summary of the Zika virus situation...

25 Jan 2016

Brain implant to curb addiction

Brain implant to curb addiction...

06 Jan 2016

BHRC researcher named OSMS 2015 Distinguished Academic Teacher

Associate Professor Phil Sheard was named the OSMS distinguished academic teache...

05 Jan 2016

OSMS 2015 Kaupapa Maori Research Award given to BHRC researcher

BHRC researcher Louise Parr-Brownlie awarded Otago School of Medical Sciences 20...

04 Jan 2016

Alzheimers essay wins Otago Medical School Research Society essay prize

BHRC student Nikita Potemkin won the Otago Medical School Research Society scien...

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