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20 Dec 2017

December 2017 newsletter available

The December issue of the BHRC newsletter looks at bionics, babies and brains

03 Nov 2017

Marsden Grants to five BHRC researchers

Five BHRC researchers awarded Marsden grants


25 Oct 2017

The Cost of Preterm Birth

Dr Max Berry, a researcher and neonatologist, discusses the real outcomes for pr...

09 Oct 2017

Honours for epilepsy research student

BHRC student Nadia Adotevi selected to speak at international epilepsy conferenc...

21 Sep 2017

BHRC student prize winners at AWCBR

BHRC PhD students Hannah Best and Ashwini Hariharan win prizes at AWCBR

14 Sep 2017

Psychoactive Substances in New Zealand

Dr Shakila Rizwan and Dr Andrea Vernall explain what the Psychoactive Substances...

12 Sep 2017

Challenging the mental health struggle

The inaugural Silverline Festival, being held next weekend on 15-16 September, i...

06 Sep 2017

Learning about learning

Simon Fisher's remarkable discovery about dopamine could change the way we look...

16 Aug 2017

And the winner is... and the winner is

Tamlin Conner, department of Psychology winner of OUSA Supervisor of the Year Aw...

24 Jul 2017

Getting the Meds Right

Medication for mental disorders such as anxiety and depression can be life-chang...

04 Jul 2017

Award winning student talks stress and success

Julia Gouws has won both the BMS dean's prize for best summer scholarship report...

03 Jul 2017

The Imaginative Brain

Professor Donna Rose Addis explains why memory and imagination are so entwined.


29 May 2017

Food and Exercise for a Healthy Brain

How do we keep our brains healthy as we age? Dr Liana Machado provides some answ...

Brain scan thumb

19 May 2017

Public Lecture - Professor Donna Rose Addis

Professor Donna Rose Addis will be giving a public lecture, titled 'The Imaginat...

17 May 2017

Brain Week Interview with Andrew Clarkson

Dr Andrew Clarkson talks about his work developing a drug to treat stroke

15 May 2017

Quit or Persist?

Why do we give up when we should keep going?

03 May 2017

Art Competition - A Window Into The Brain

This year, in conjunction with our yearly conference, the BHRC is running an art...

13 Apr 2017

Calvin Kai Young - Mind Control

Dr Calvin Kai Young explains how our world is catching up to science fiction

06 Apr 2017

Brain Day Interview With Angus McMorland

Dr Angus McMorland explains how we can use brain signals to get around movement...

06 Apr 2017

Richard Prentice - 2017 Helen Rosa Thacker Scholar

Richard Prentice, our 2017 Helen Rosa Thacker scholar, is working on a way of ma...

06 Apr 2017

Counting Sheep - 10 Facts about Sleep

Dr Celia Lie and Regina Hegemann explain the importance of sleep

06 Apr 2017

What can babies tell us about vision?

Are babies born as a blank slate, or are we all predisposed to develop in specif...


15 Mar 2017

15 March 2017, Otago’s flagship research centres confirmed

The University of Otago has reconfigured the line-up of its flagship research ce...

14 Mar 2017

Raising awareness of chronic pain

fter many years of studying Parkinson’s, researcher Dr Louise Parr-Brownlie is m...

10 Mar 2017

How Many Brain Cells Do You Have?

Recent research puts to rest a 150 year old controversy about the number of cell...

08 Mar 2017

Moving within the Neuron - Dr Laura Gumy Seminar

Dr Laura Gumy, from the University of Otago anatomy department, talks about how...

08 Mar 2017

The Age of Bionics - Professor Rob Shepherd Seminar

Professor Rob Shepherd of the Bionics Institute explains recent research into co...

14 Feb 2017

Brain Week 2017 Programme

The programme for the 2017 Brain Week

14 Feb 2017

The Effect of Placebo on Heart Surgery Recovery

The placebo effect has been known to affect the mind, but can it help the body r...


14 Feb 2017

New Steps in Concussion Diagnosis

Explanations of new tests that can diagnose concussion

13 Feb 2017

Hannah Best's Batten Disease Research

Hannah Best, our 2017 Roche scholar, and how her PhD could help children with Ba...

03 Feb 2017

BHRC Researchers Praised in He Kitenga

Three BHRC researchers have been included in the University of Otago 2016 resear...


12 Jan 2017

2016 Roche Scholarship Awarded to Hannah Best

And the 2016 Roche Hanns Möhler Doctoral Scholarship goes to...

04 Jan 2017

BHRC researcher John Reynolds promoted to full professor

BHRC research John Reynolds promoted to full professor

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