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The Brain Health Research Centre Advisory Board was convened in 2012 to provide independent external advice to the BHRC, lending support, advice and direction for the Director, Management Committee, and the entire Centre.

Professor Cliff Abraham

Cliff is the past director of the Brain Health Research Centre. Currently he is Co-Director of Brain Research NZ - Ranghau Roro Aotearoa, and is Director of a major HRC-funded research programme investigating biomarkers and therapeutic agents for Alzheimer's Disease.

Mr Malcolm Farry

Malcolm is Executive Director of the Farry Group. He was also a Dunedin City Council member for many years and is past or present chair of numerous commercial and public boards. He has a strong interest in public health issues.

Hon. Pete Hodgson

Pete is CEO of Otago Innovation Limited. He was a senior cabinet minister within the New Zealand Government from 1999-2008, with portfolios including Health, Science and Innovation. Following his parliamentary career, Pete has held a range of positions on scientific and business trusts.

Ms Paula Ryan

Paula is the Otago Field Officer for Parkinson's New Zealand, and former field officer for Alzheimer's New Zealand. She brings a strong interest in the community engagement aims of the BHRC.

Professor Peter Schofield

Peter is a professor at the University of New South Wales' School of Medicine, and is the Executive Director and CEO of Neuroscience Research Australia—one of the premier neuroscience institutes in Australia. He is an internationally recognised expert on the genetics of mental illness and brain function.

Tracy Haitana

Tracy is a Clinical Psychologist at the Christchurch Psychologists Office and Matapuna Special Treatment Unit. She brings valuable insight into the impact of psychological intervention for high risk individuals and individuals in the community.

Professor Vernon Ward (chair)

Vernon is Dean of the Otago School of Medical Sciences.

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