Public lectures on animal research

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Lecture, Public lecture
Bioethics Centre

Reducing and replacing animals, refining techniques: A view from the inside of Three Rs research

Dr Helena Hogberg, Research Associate & Deputy Director for the Centre for Alternatives to Animal Testing at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health will discuss Three Rs research. This is research into how to reduce the number of animals needed to conduct robust scientific research, refine experimental techniques to improve animal welfare in research, and develop non-sentient alternatives to replace use of sentient animals in research.

Informing discussion: Experiences from the UK on a Concordat on Openness in Animal Research

Professor of Molecular Neurobiology for the Department of Chemistry at Kings College London, Professor Roger Morris will discuss the factors that led to to the development of the Concordat on Openness in Animal Research in the UK, and its effects. This is an agreement among a large number of major research organisations in the UK to more openly provide information about the ways in which animals are used in scientific, medical and veterinary research in the UK. Kings College London is a signatory to the Concordat.

Introductory Speaker: Professor Peter Dearden

Department of Biochemistry | Director, Genetics Otago | Associate Dean Research, Health Sciences



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