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The New Zealand Bill of Rights: Continuing the Conversation

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Symposium, Lecture

Hosted by The New Zealand Law Foundation and the Otago University Faculty of Law

In November 2013, the Constitutional Advisory Panel reported to the Government the results of its public conversation about New Zealand's constitutional arrangements. This report emphasised the importance that New Zealanders place upon the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990. However, it also suggested that there could be further discussion as to whether the Act might be amended to improve its effectiveness.
To help inform that ongoing conversation, three speakers with extensive knowledge of bills of rights instruments in comparable Commonwealth countries will share their views on the matters highlighted in the Panel's report. Such information about other country's experiences with different rights-protection mechanisms can help to guide us here when deciding what, if anything, to change in the future.

Joint panel with Professor Stephen Gardbaum - UCLA Law School, Tom Hickman - Blackstone Chambers and UCL, and Joanna Davidson, List G Barristers, Melbourne.

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