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The Campbell Bioethics Teaching Fellowship (CBTF) is named after Professor Alastair Vincent Campbell, who was the Director of the University of Otago's Bioethics Centre from 1990–1996.

During his time at the Bioethics Centre Professor Campbell implemented a teaching programme as part of the undergraduate medical curriculum, as well as setting up postgraduate programmes in Bioethics including the Master of Bioethics and Master of Health Law.

The development of student thinking through open dialogue and thoughtful questioning to support students to evaluate their own positions and underlying assumptions reflects his approach to teaching.

The Campbell Bioethics Teaching Fellowship is provided by the University of Otago Bioethics Centre. The CBTF provides an opportunity for postgraduate students and others (previous graduates of the Bioethics Centre) to develop their teaching skills and demonstrate a high standard in tutoring small groups in bioethics. This could potentially be useful to a student or graduate in seeking teaching roles elsewhere.


The programme has two specific aims:

  • To provide a postgraduate student with skills, knowledge, and experience in the techniques of small group teaching
  • To provide a postgraduate student or previous student with documented evidence of teaching for use within their CV


Postgraduate students working on a thesis or dissertation will be eligible to enter the CBTF programme at the discretion of Campbell Fellowship administration. Previous graduates and current tutors of the Bioethics Centre are also eligible to apply.

Each applicant must submit a CV and provide names of people who can supply a reference.

Not all applications will accepted.

What is involved

Once a student or previous student has entered the programme, they must maintain a portfolio that demonstrates that they meet the criteria to become a Campbell Bioethics Teaching Fellow. In many cases the signature or the Co-ordinator or other staff member is required.

The process is as follows:

  • Application and entry to the postgraduate programme (by the end of February)
  • Observation of a senior tutor or lecturer teaching one or more tutorials (a mentor)
  • Attend a training course with HEDC on small group tutoring
  • Teach a minimum of five tutorials in the Bioethics Centre modules of the Early Learning in Medicine (ELM) programme. A maximum of two tutorials from one topic area may be counted for the portfolio. Ethics tutorials for other health professional schools (e. g. Physiotherapy, Oral Health, Pharmacy etc) may be counted if they are on distinct topics.
  • Submit a teaching statement
  • Senior staff review observed tutorial teaching and determine it is up to a satisfactory standard
  • Student evaluations
  • Teach a further five tutorials (criteria above also apply to these tutorials)
  • A second review by senior staff
  • Write a reflection on comments and development of the earlier teaching statement
  • A second set of student evaluations

The completed portfolio is to be handed to the Co-ordinator of the CBTF or the Head of Department by the first Friday of November.

The Fellowship is awarded in late November.

It is anticipated that the CBTF will be completed within one calendar year.

How to apply

Please contact Associate Professor Lynley Anderson for application details.

Tel 64 3 471 6132

Office drop-in time: Wednesday 9am–10am.

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