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Senior Lecturer
Department of Paediatrics and Child Health (Wellington)
Research summary
Child health and development


Dr Amanda D’Souza (she/her) is a public health physician with expertise in children’s health and wellbeing.

Amanda is a senior lecturer in the Department of Public Health, Wellington, and convenes the undergraduate public health module for medical students. Amanda has a background in child health from policy, practice, and community sector perspectives. She has a special interest in child and youth health promotion; equity in childhood; public policy; children’s rights; early childhood; and child maltreatment prevention. Her PhD explored the consideration of children in policy development through case studies of Sweden, Australia, and Aotearoa.

Amanda is a Fellow of the NZ College of Public Health Medicine and a member of the Paediatric Society and the Children’s Rights Alliance.


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Peiffenberger, A. S., D'Souza, A. J., Huthwaite, M., & Romans, S. E. (2016). The well-being of children of parents with a mental illness: The responsiveness of crisis mental health services in Wellington, New Zealand. Child & Family Social Work, 21(4), 600-607. doi: 10.1111/cfs.12186 Journal - Research Article

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