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Archway 1973 small

A photo of Archway and the Staff Club (left of the image). The area of grass is where the Richardson building was eventually constructed.

Botany garden 1973 small

Site of the old Botany department. The glasshouses were eventually replaced, and the barn built on the garden in the right of the image. The building in the background still exists, it houses the museum.

Cnr Union Castle b 1973 small

A view from the Union Building across to Chemistry and the Clock Tower.

Union, 1970s small

View of the Union Building.

Walkway 1973 small

A photograph of the Central Library and walkway, with the Burns Building in the background. The central library was partially demolished and replaced with the Information Services Building.

Walkway 1973b small

This photograph shows the area that is now the Link. This is the communal area between the Union Building and the Central Library.

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