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Research Interests


Selected Publications

Hartwich, S.J., Conran, J.G., Bannister, J.M., Lindqvist. J.K., Lee, D.E. In press. Calamoid fossil palm leaves and fruits (Arecaceae: Calamoideae) from Late Eocene Southland, New Zealand. Australian Systematic Botany, accepted 21.1.2010.

Jordan G.J., Bannister J.M., Mildenhall D.M., Zetter R., Lee D.E. 2010. Fossil Ericaceae from New Zealand - deconstructing the use of fossil evidence in historical biogeography. American Journal of Botany 97, 59–70.

Carpenter R.J., Bannister J.M., Jordan G.J., Lee D.E. 2010. Leaf fossils of Proteaceae tribe Persoonieae from the Late Oligocene-Early Miocene of New Zealand. Australian Systematic Botany 23:1-15.

Ferguson, D.K., Lee, D.E., Bannister J.M., Zetter, R., Jordan, G.J., Vavra, N., Mildenhall, D.C. 2009. The taphonomy of a remarkable leaf bed assemblage from the Late Oligocene-Early Miocene Gore Lignite Measures, southern New Zealand. International Journal of Coal Geology (online doi: 10.1016/j.coal.2009.07.009)

Conran, J.C., Bannister, J.M., Lee, D.E., 2009. Earliest orchid macrofossils: Early Miocene Dendrobium and Earina (Orchidaceae: Epidendroideae) from New Zealand. American Journal of Botany 96: 466-474.

Lee, D.E., Bannister, J.M., Lindqvist, J.K. 2007. Late Oligocene-Early Miocene leaf macrofossils confirm a long history of Agathis in New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Botany 45: 565-578.

Harris A.C., Bannister J.M., Lee D.E. 2007. Fossil scale insects (Hemiptera, Coccoidea, Diaspididae) in life position on an angiosperm leaf from an Early Miocene lake deposit, Otago, New Zealand. Journal of The Royal Society of New Zealand 37: 1 - 13.

Monks A., O'Connell D.M., Lee W.G., Bannister J.M., Dickinson K.J.M. 2007. Benefits associated with the domatia mediated tritrophic mutualism in the shrub Coprosma lucida. Oikos 116: 873-881.


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