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Oscar_Yip1Oscar_Yip2MSc candidate, Plant Biotechnology

Screening and phenomic characterization of pollution resistant plants

Supervised by Associate Professor David J. Burritt


Oscar completed his BA at Occidental College with a major in Biology (emphasis in cellular and molecular Biology) and a minor in Neuroscience.
”I am passionate about the real-world applications of biological research, such as identifying pollution resistant plants that could be useful for countries facing heavy-metal contaminated soils.”
“I am excited to be in New Zealand and to be getting the opportunity to experience research in an international context.”

Project Outline

Investigating plant phenomic traits that are associated with resistance to common heavy metal pollutants and the identification of resistant varieties that can then be genetically analyzed.


Fulbright US Graduate Award 2018


Left to right: Deputy Chief of Mission Susan Niblock, U.S. Embassy in Wellington, Oscar Yip, MSc student, Department of Botany, Rt Hon Winston Peters.

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