CANCELLED - Tourism Policy School public lecture and networking session

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Public lecture

Attend the second annual Tourism Policy School in 2020

Professor Susanne Becken presents the public lecture “Flygskam: What does 'flight shame' mean for New Zealand tourism?” This free public lecture will be followed, at 5pm, by a networking session.

Public lecture | Professor Susanne Becken, Griffith University, Department of Conservation | 4–5pm

Are we reaching a tipping point – the impact of #flightshame? While global travel and tourism are going strong, there is growing unease amongst some people regarding the carbon emissions they produce when flying. The guilt of flying has made it into public discourse through the Swedish word flygskam, meaning flight shame.

Is flight shame an expression of the broader climate action zeitgeist that might disappear once other topics become more prominent, or is it a permanent and growing sentiment of an increasingly concerned public who understand the urgent need to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions against the prospect of a catastrophic “hothouse Earth” scenario?

What does this mean for tourist destinations and everyone involved in this globally significant industry?

This lecture is part of the Otago Tourism Policy School 2020: Decarbonising tourism and moving towards a sustainable emissions path

Networking session 5–7pm

This will offer the chance to engage with University staff and alumni on topics such as professional development opportunities. You will also get to talk to tourism and business leaders about current issues. You can attend both events or just the one.

RSVP: 16 March



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