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Congratulations to all students who studied at the Otago Business School in 2018 who made it onto the Dean's List. You demonstrated excellence and dedication to your academic studies. Well done!

To qualify, students are likely to be in the top 5% of their class, with a grade average of 7.5 or higher.

Otago Business School Dean's List – 2018
Celine Ah Kit (Information Science)
Benjamin Andrew (Economics/Marketing)
Holly Armstrong (Accounting/Finance)
Timothy Armstrong (Economics/Finance)
Chin Lok Au (Economics/Japanese)
Alice Averill (Finance/Accounting)
Sarah Averill (Information Science/Accounting/Finance)
Harry Averill (International Business/PPE - Philosophy, Politics, Economics)
Ruby Bell (Finance/Economics/Politics)
Charlotte Berry (Marketing)
Andrew Black (Accounting/Finance)
Mitchell Broom (Economics/Finance)
Noamane Cherkaoui (Management/Finance)
Kymberlee Choie (Accounting)
Serena Choie (Finance)
Freddie Cleverley (Finance/Accounting)
Jack Cranston (International Business/Management)
Olivia Crombie (Accounting)
Fergus Dale (Tourism)
Claire Duell (Information Science)
Troy Dyer (Economics/Finance)
Duncan Dykes (Accounting/Economics)
Olivia Finer (Finance)
Hannah Fogarty (International Business)
Jansson Ford (Finance/Economics)
Georgia Freeman (Economics/Finance)
David French (PPE - Philosophy, Politics, Economics)
Jacinta Frost (Accounting)
Isaac Garner (Finance)
Giullia Gasparotto Da Silva (International Business)
Jack Gordon (Economics)
Georgia Gordon (Accounting)
Samuel Gouverneur (Finance/Management)
Mathew Hansen (Accounting)
Desirée Heinze-Farrington (Accounting/Economics)
Scott Herbert (Finance/Accounting)
Cameron Hislop (Economics/Finance)
Benjamin Hurley (Accounting/Finance)
Jessica Iggo (Economics/Information Science)
Nicholas James (Economics/Finance)
Zara Johnstone (Marketing)
Jessica Juby (Economics/French
Cameron Keelty (Finance/Accounting)
Emma Kelly (Accounting/Finance)
Hamish Kennett (Economics/Finance)
George Kenny (Accounting/Finance/Economics)
Samuel Kirk-Reeve (Finance)
Lucy Kirk-Smith (Economics)
Asahi Koizumi (Economics/Finance)
Dexin Kong (Economics)
Yannan Li (Accounting/Finance)
Dylan Lovell (Accounting/Finance)
Rachel Malden (Economics/Finance)
Matthew Marsh (Accounting/Economics)
Benjamin Marshall-Lee (Finance)
Kate Martin (Management/Tourism)
Jessica Marvin (Accounting)
Reuben McCabe (Management/Marketing
Phoebe McInerney-Heather (Economics/Finance)
Michael McInerney-Heather (Economics/Finance)
Taine McKay (Economics/Finance)
Lachie McLean (Finance)
Zara McLellan (Accounting/Economics)
James Mellor (Finance)
Jaiden Moir (Economics/International Business)
Hugh Mooney (Accounting/Finance)
Joshua Morrison (Accounting/Finance)
Seri Nursofia Munawir (Economics/Finance)
Zach Murrow (Marketing)
Toma Noguchi (Management/Tourism)
Stuart Ogilvie (PPE - Philosophy, Politics, Economics)
Joanna Pahl (Management/Entrepreneurship)
Rebecca Pearce (Human Resource Management)
Alexander Posa (Finance/Economics)
Matthew Price (Finance)
Tessa Read (Economics)
Lucas Reid (Accounting)
Mark Robertson (Accounting/Finance)
Claire Rollinson (Marketing)
Kelson Sadlier (Finance/Computer Science)
Hannah Short (Accounting)
Benjamin Simmers (Finance/Accounting/Information Science)
James Stanners (Economics/Finance)
Nathan Stanners (Economics/Finance)
Jason Stewart (Marketing/Management)
Lucas Stovold (Economics/Finance)
Connor Stuart (Finance/Accounting)
Constance Sullivan (Human Resource Management)
Lewis Sullivan-Hill (Accounting/Finance)
Emma Taggart (Accounting)
Sydney Telfer (Economics)
Georgia Thompson (Finance)
Zachary Tucker (Finance)
Kia Wales (Management)
Dorothy Williams (Economics/Finance)
Lachlan Woon (Economics/Finance)

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