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The Otago Business School Internship Programme is open to all Otago students in their second year of a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom). However, there are a number of other requirements that must also be met.

To be eligible you must:

  • Have a great attitude!
  • Be in the second year of your BCom. If you're in your first year we still want to hear from you. Please register your interest by contacting:
  • Normally have a 'B' average or better
  • Not be a finalist - you won't be admitted to the Programme if the completion of BSNS301 coincides with completing your degree. You must be an undergraduate and return to the University of Otago after you finish your internship
  • Have at least one semester remaining of your BCom, including some 300-level major requirements on completion of your internship
  • Be a domestic student. Unfortunately, International students are not eligible to become an intern as current immigration policy does not allow International students to work full-time during their studies.

Your study plans following the completion of the internship also affect eligibility. This will be discussed with the Internship Manager and Academic Leader when you apply for the Employability Programme.

Important notes for internship applicants

1. No student is guaranteed an internship position - admission is competitive and only those students who successfully complete the Employability Programme and are suitable to be an intern will be approved to apply for internship roles

2. Employers seeking interns have the right to appoint who they wish into an internship role

3. Students must complete the requirements of the Programme.

Visit Preparing and applying to find out the process potential interns will need to follow.

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