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2024 update

The Otago Internship Programme is not running in 2024.

Is your business trying to find the right person for the right job?

Does your business need a specific project completed?

Does your business want to become part of an exclusive internship programme?

Work with the Otago Business School and find out how our Internship Programme can answer these questions and become an integral part of your recruitment process.

“We benefited by our intern delivering an end-to-end project; that is the scoping of the project, the recommendation of the solution and the implementation of the solution into the business. As well she provided ad-hoc help across the business. Sealord Group Limited, Auckland

About the Otago Internship Programme

The Otago Internship Programme is unique in New Zealand - it's designed to give your business the opportunity to access high calibre business students who have completed at least two years of University study. Interns work in full-time, paid employment for between six months to a year while completing an academic distance learning paper (BSNS 301). At the end of their internship, interns return to the University of Otago to complete the final year of their degree.

  • Students must take part in our practical “work-related” training programme (the “Employability Programme”) - before starting their internship role with you
  • Our interns must complete a Business Project covering a topic (or topics) of interest specific to your business - as part of their academic distance learning paper
  • It's a competitive programme, not a 'placement programme' - our students have the appropriate motivation and attitude and want to work in a business environment that's right for them

Support is provided throughout all stages of the internship experience:

  • To you and your Workplace Mentor by our Internship Manager
  • To the interns by your designated Workplace Mentor, our Academic Mentor and Internship Manager


There are no costs to participating employers for access to our high achieving students - you use your normal recruitment process to advertise the internship role, select who you want to interview and choose the right intern for your business. Successful students are employed on a fixed-term contract and paid at the appropriate market rate.

Real benefits for you - the employer

  • Test the viability of a position within your business
  • Engage an intern to complete a relevant Business Project for your business
  • Access to a high achieving “Otago experienced” employee - motivated to work with you and bringing a fresh perspective to your business
  • Include the Programme within your recruitment process to recruit the right, young talent for roles now and in the future
  • Assess the suitability of your intern for future full-time employment when they graduate

Additional opportunities for your business

By getting involved, you'll find there are many other employer opportunities offered through the Otago Business School providing you with access to:

  • a pool of students for future recruitment and project work,
  • professional development for your business and your employees,
  • skilled researchers.

Your business will also have access to networking and promotional opportunities on-campus or at University events throughout New Zealand – helping to raise your business profile and improving the effectiveness of your graduate recruitment process.

Next steps - contact our Internship Manager

We have a recruitment schedule tailored around the academic year, but are flexible and aim to meet business's needs. To learn more about the Programme please contact our Internship Office:

Julie Pearse - Otago Business School Internship ManagerJulie Pearse
Internship Manager
Dean's Office, Ground Level, Commerce Building
Tel: +64 3 479 4280


Download our Employers Guide.

“What we liked about the internship programme is the fact that we can essentially try out a role … …We've been using interns for many years now, and essentially it works and it's something that works for us. We've worked out how to give interns the right jobs – nothing too big, nothing too small but certainly bite-sized projects. And we know that it's for a fixed term - we find providing that the fixed term is long enough both the intern and the employer get some great value out of it.”
ESCEA Gasfires, Dunedin

“We all enjoyed watching her learn and grow, but at the same time everyone liked the perspective and energy of having a young person working in the team – she proved a real asset.”
Mercy Hospital Dunedin Limited

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