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Marcus Hoefliger – Co-founder & CEO, EFTPlus

Marcus Hoefliger chose the Master of Entrepreneurship programme at Otago to complement his degrees in finance and marketing.

“I wanted to undertake a programme that allowed me to apply the theories I learned in my undergraduate degrees to real-life, practical scenarios. The Master of Entrepreneurship was the perfect programme to achieve this.”

“The level of talent, both from a teaching and peer perspective, was outstanding. To be surrounded by, and study with, so many like-minded and driven individuals who are now achieving so much in their careers is something I'm incredibly proud of.”

Having previously lived in Dunedin, and having known people who had studied at Otago, Marcus had expected to receive a good education while having a lot of fun.

“Being able to live, study, and network with your peers, all within close proximity of the campus, really created such a fun environment. Until you experience it for yourself you really just can't understand how well Otago sets you up for taking the next step in your career – both from study and people perspectives. You can always spot an Otago grad, as they're usually some of the most personal, engaging and well-rounded individuals you meet at business events.”

While studying for his master's, Marcus co-founded his own business, and he now also works as Director of Market Development for a company set up by a fellow Master of Entrepreneurship graduate. He believes that Otago equipped them both well.

“The balance of technical know-how with soft-skills I gained has been extremely beneficial for my career, and for that of other people I know. My qualification has also given me credibility with potential partners, clients etc. I've had conversations with senior bank executives who have been very interested in the programme. They are always looking for graduates who can think 'outside the box'.”

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