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Does the Centre supervise students?

The Centre mainly focuses on Postgraduate teaching. Our staff supervise both Masters and PhD students. We host students closely aligned with our research projects but also co-supervise with staff from throughout the University.

Who should I talk to if I want to do Postgraduate research at the Centre?

If you have a particular area of interest, contact the researchers in that area directly by email. Include a covering letter with a little information about your background, the topic you are interested in studying and a copy of your CV including academic transcripts.
They will advise if they have the right background to supervise you and if they are available to take on new students.

Do you offer any scholarships?

A few of our research projects have Masters & PhD scholarships available. If available, these are usually advertised in the News section of our website.

The University of Otago Scholarships Office also offer a large range of scholarships suitable for domestic and international students.

What research funding is available for students?

If you are enrolled as a student at the Centre, some funding is available annually to cover your project costs. This should be discussed with your supervisors and the level of support agreed on at the start of your project.

What facilities do you offer postgraduate students?

Postgraduate students at the Centre are allocated a desk space, a computer (if needed), internet access and printing. We do not have laboratories or significant equipment on-site, but can negotiate access to facilities you need through our collaborations with other Departments at the University. We collaborate with Departments such as Geography, Sociology, Physics, Law, Tourism, and Marketing. Please discuss any particular lab or equipment needs with your potential supervisor.

What support do you offer postgraduate students?

We have a staff member whose role is to support and mentor Postgraduate students. The current postgraduate co-ordinator is Dr Caroline Orchiston. If you have any questions, please contact her directly.
Our Postgraduate Student Representative can also raise student issues on behalf of students and our administrative team is always on hand to assist and offer pastoral care. The University offers a wide range or support for students including physical and mental health support, disability information and support, course and careers advice, mediation, Maori/Pacific Island support, financial advice, spiritual care, social and recreational opportunities.

What is the culture of the Centre like for students?

We host a wide range of staff and students from throughout the world. We are small but very friendly and inclusive. Staff and students meet regularly to share ideas, present their research and learn from one another. We also hold regular social events such as shared lunches, pot luck dinners and outings.

For more info about enrolling at Otago, please visit the University of Otago website. The website also contains information on life in Dunedin.

For more information please check out our FAQs:
Postgraduate study

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