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Laboratory Manager


Research Expertise

My training and research has focused on biosystematics, phylogenetics, population genetics, taxonomy, conservation and biosecurity.

This research has primarily been on relationships within and among plant species but I also have experience working with a wide range of fungal and animal species.

My research has led to hypotheses of phylogenetic relationships; a better understanding of character evolution; the testing of biogeographic hypotheses; and revised classifications resulting in taxonomic changes.

I am particularly interested in the application of species concepts, the study of relationships within species complexes, and the diversity within and among populations and I have used population genetic methods to reveal information on the amount and spatial structure of genetic diversity within species.

These methods have also proved useful for the management, conservation and protection of the study organisms and their environments.

I have managed the laboratories and conducted research at the University of Otago, Christchurch since 2005.


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