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Jeremy SimcockSenior Lecturer
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

FRACS(Plast) MD(Melb)


Jeremy Simcock is a consultant plastic surgeon and senior lecturer with the University of Otago, Christchurch.

He convenes the 4th year cardiovascular/plastics/dermatology student run and teaches trainee interns in plastic surgery.

His research interests include skin cancer, cancer reconstruction, and hand surgery.


Major, G., Simcock, J., Kumar, A., Kleffmann, T., Woodfield, T. B. F., & Lim, K. S. (2024). Comprehensive matrisome profiling of human adipose tissue for soft tissue reconstruction. Advanced Biology, 8, 2300448. doi: 10.1002/adbi.202300448 Journal - Research Article

Simcock, J. (2023, August-September). Nerve injuries: How nerve transfers can improve recovery. Invited presentation at the Hand Therapy New Zealand Ringaromi Aotearoa Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand. Conference Contribution - Verbal presentation and other Conference outputs

Mohammed, K., Lash, H., Haddara, M., Appleyard, R., Ferriera, L., Raniga, S., Simcock, J., & Beadel, G. (2023). A cadaveric study on the effect of FDP vs. FDS tendon transfer in tetraplegia. Proceedings of the Tetrahand World Congress. 2749. Retrieved from Conference Contribution - Published proceedings: Abstract

Krauss, R., Bothara, R., Wilkinson, T., Simcock, J., & Pascoe, R. (2023). Exploring learning barriers and facilitators in general surgical rotations: Insights for students and teachers. Proceedings of the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE): Inclusive Learning Environments to Transform the Future. 8P4. Retrieved from Conference Contribution - Published proceedings: Abstract

Major, G., Longoni, A., Simcock, J., Magon, N. J., Harte, J., Bathish, B., Kemp, R., Woodfield, T., & Lim, K. S. (2023). Clinical applicability of visible light-mediated cross-linking for structural soft tissue reconstruction. Advanced Science, 10, 2300538. doi: 10.1002/advs.202300538 Journal - Research Article

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