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Justin RoakeProfessor of Surgery

MB ChB(Otago) DPhil(Oxf) FRCS FRACS(Vascular, Endovascular, and Transplant Surgery)

Justin Roake is a specialist in vascular surgery and transplantation surgery who retired from clinical work in November 2023.

He was Clinical Director of the Department of Vascular Endovascular and Transplant Surgery at Christchurch Hospital up until his retirement. He has a DPhil in transplantation immunology focused upon the biology of dendritic cells.

Professor Roake is Specialty Editor (Transplantation) of ANZ Journal of Surgery.

Research interests

  • The biology of vascular disease
  • Clinical prioritisation for surgery
  • Medical education
  • Modelling of clinical assessments of risks and benefits in surgery


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Dahal, S., Raja, A. Y., Searle, E., Colgan, F. E., Crighton, J. S., Roake, J., … Gieseg, S., & Butler, A. P. H. (2023). Components of carotid atherosclerotic plaque in spectral photon-counting CT with histopathologic comparison. European Radiology, 33, 1612-1619. doi: 10.1007/s00330-022-09155-x Journal - Research Article

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