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Tim EglintonProfessor and Head of Department
Colorectal Surgeon



Tim Eglinton is a consultant Colorectal and General Surgeon, Professor in Surgery and Head of the Department of Surgery and Critical Care at the University of Otago, Christchurch.

He also teaches 4th to 6th year medical students.

Professor Eglinton is a member of the ANZ Training Board in Colon and Rectal Surgery and the RACS Surgical Skills Training Committee.

Research interests

Tim's research interests include:

  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Diverticular disease.


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McCombie, A., Bothara, R., MacCormick, A., Carne, B., Hercus, A., & Eglinton, T. (2024). A longitudinal study examining the relationship between prioritization scores and changes in impact on life scores in elective surgery patients. ANZ Journal of Surgery. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1111/ans.19014 Journal - Research Article

Thompson, N., Morley-Bunker, A., McLauchlan, J., Glyn, T., & Eglinton, T. (2024). Use of artificial intelligence for the prediction of lymph node metastases in early-stage colorectal cancer: Systematic review. BJS Open, 8(2), zrae033. doi: 10.1093/bjsopen/zrae033 Journal - Research Other

Glyn, T., Williams, S., Whitehead, M., Eglinton, T., West, N., & Purcell, R. V. (2024). Digital spatial profiling identifies molecular changes involved in development of colitis-associated colorectal cancer. Frontiers in Oncology, 14, 1247106. doi: 10.3389/fonc.2024.1247106 Journal - Research Article

Tranter-Entwistle, I., Eglinton, T., & Connor, S. (2023). Standardizing process in acute biliary disease. World Journal of Surgery. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1002/wjs.12049 Journal - Research Article

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